Shining Force III

Only 1 of 3 scenarios have been brought to the US, so fans spend years to bring to translate the remaining two and they're even re-translating the first one again to fix translation errors. As it wasn't enough, they are dubbing the games as well. Pretty impressive!

Fatal Frame IV

The first fan-translation for the Nintendo Wii for one of the best entires in this popular survival horror series. The translation perfectly translates cultural references and is very true to the original.

Treasure of the Rudras

This is a Squaresoft RPG with incredible graphics for the SNES and a very unique magic system that uses words (A.K.A. mantras) to cast spells, which is why the translation process was so difficult. It was necessary to hack and reprogram the magic system first for it to use English words.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

The second installment of this series wasn't well received in the US, because of it's more light-hearted and school setting, so the sequel was not localized. Ironically, Valkyria Chronicles 3 was the darker chapter of this series, bringing the action back to the battlefield from the 1st game, with a team of unwanted soldiers looking for rendenption. The game was finally fully translated in English, which even includes the DLCs!

Grand Knights History

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Grand Knights History is one of the best RPGs for the PSP. It was developed by Vanillaware, so you can expect it to have one of the best graphics of the system. The story for each Kingdom choice is completely translated!

Nayuta no Kiseki

One of the best Action RPGs for the PSP. The graphics are gorgeous and it's 4 seasons system is really interesting! Like most games by Falcom. it was never officially translated, but some fans fixed that with this patch.

Tales of Innocence

Tales of Innocence is one of the best in the series, and definitely the best for the Nintendo DS, so it's really a waste that neither the original version nor the remake for PS Vita got localized. Thankfully, Absolute Zero made an incredible translation that lets you change between the Japanese and English names at any time, just to make sure it would please all the fans!

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