4 Must See Bravely Default Cosplays

Bravely Default has certainly made its mark as a very popular JRPG. So today, we look at 5 must see Bravely Default cosplays. Plus some extra goodies for you!!

As a bonus I went and tracked down some cosplay tutorials to help you make your own Bravely Default cosplay. And if you have any Bravely cosplay, guess what! We want to see them and might even feature them on one of our pages. Be sure to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and show us what you got!

Airy Bravely Default

Cosplayer - MOMO. She did a wonderful job, those wings are epic!

Edea Lee (Bravely Default) by RomaiLee

Complete with the horse, wow! Wonderful job and she looks so lovely!

Tiz by Joshua Hart

The background and lighting really makes this photo look like it was taken inside the game. Great job!

Mefilia Venus by Raile

So charming and elegant, I love her hair color and this cosplayer nailed it!

Bravely Cosplay Tutorials

Here are some great tips, tricks, and guides to help you make great Bravely Default cosplays. Some of the characters have fantastic hair styles that can be a nightmare to style so let's start with wig tutorials first.

Ringablel's hair is no joke but if you can pull this off half the battle is over. So I hope this helps!

Edea Lee's hair can also be a little tricky on that part of her bangs that defies gravity. Get your hardest hair spray head, you're going to need it.

Getting the hair right for your cosplay can make a big difference. This cosplayer chose to update her cosplay and make it better. Well done!

Costume Design

Big thank you to Aree's Cosplay Workshop for sharing her advice on how to make Edea Lee's costume!

Here are some other helpful pointers and tricks to make your own Bravely Default for those of you who don't want to just buy it.

For those of you brave enough to take a deep dive in the world of costuming! Good luck!

Okay, now you have everything you need to know to go make your own Bravely Default Cosplay or now you know enough to just go buy one off Amazon. Either way, good luck with cosplaying and we hope we can get you featured on this page next time!

Bravely Second is coming out this April 25, 2015 in North America and all US and Asian region Nintendo 3DS systems worldwide.

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