eSports is a form of competition that features electronic systems, mainly video games. The competitions can be team vs team or individual players. These teams/people can come from different countries and compete for the grand finals. The most popular eSports tournaments are League of Legends, The Internationals, World Championships and more.

The games are mostly from the PC and Console platforms. However, since the number of mobile games keeps on increasing, mobile eSports was eventually born. Here are some of the popular mobile games that are hosting tournaments:

1. VainGlory

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VainGlory is a fairly new MOBA video game. Recently released in November 2014 for the iOS and July 2015 for the Android.

It has gained quite the popularity and players throughout a short period of time. This is why they are part of eSports now, where teams are competing to be on the spot of the Evil Eight, where the 8 best teams of NA and EU compete for the $175,000 prize pool.

2. Clash Royale

2016 10 27 03 04 24 clash royale esports

We believe that Clash Royale has the opportunity take eSports to a place it hasn’t quite caught on… mobile platforms. Today’s eSports experience is built for console and PC games, but with the massive reach and ubiquity of mobile devices, we believe it can become much more accessible and mainstream than ever before. Mobile gaming can take eSports beyond the hardcore gaming niche and turn it into something that everyone does, everywhere.
source: Supercell

Supercell is one of the richest video game developers in the world - able to recruit famous Hollywood actors to their commercials. This gives Clash Royale the potential to be a big hit in the eSports competitive scene. With thousands of players waiting and grinding their skills to join the tournaments, it's a great way to put their skills to the test.

3. Hearthstone

2016 10 27 03 19 41 hearthstone tournament

Blizzard's most popular competitive mobile game is now part of eSports! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a tactical card battle game that features familiar and original characters with unique card gameplay. Its turn-based nature makes it well suited to smaller screens. However, the game is also available for the PC.

4. World of Tanks Blitz

2016 10 27 05 54 10 grandfinals2016 worldoftanks

World of Tanks was a huge hit on the PC and so they created a mobile app. This then gained a lot of popularity. Worlds of Tanks Blitz has millions of players from around the world. It recently hosted the 2016 Grandfinals on Warsaw, with over 8,000 people watching and 150,000 viewers on stream. Twelve teams from different regions were competing for a prize pool of over $300,000.

5. Critical Ops

2016 10 27 06 29 29 critical ops

Want to play CS:GO on your mobile? Critical Ops is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Critical Force Entertainment. Although it was recently released, the game has inspired mobile gamers of a future with eSports gaming is all about tactical warfare & intense action.

eSports has been a popular industry in terms of gaming and it keeps on growing. It's not just PC or Consoles games that have tournaments anymore. Mobile games are also joining the eSports scene these past few years and I can say that it's been a massive hit to gamers. Mobile eSports gives more players around the world a chance to actually join a tournament of a mobile game they love.

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