Pokemon GO has been bigger than any of us could have anticipated, garnering massive world-wide popularity. It's been attributed with battling mental illness like depression and anxiety, and brings people together - A feat that many games simply cannot match up to. Whether you're a new Trainer, or a Master, it's addictive and engaging fun for the whole family. 

But did you ever feel like something is missing? Or maybe there's a feature that could make it better? Here are some of our ideas!

1. Trading

Cable trading is a thing of the past, now that our smartphones are capable of wireless capture. Though it's not a feature currently available on the game, I feel this would lend to a more realistic Pokemon experience. In the handheld Gameboy original, some types of Pokemon like Haunter and Graveler can only be evolved into their final stages by trading. 

Why not just catch them in that state? Because when you evolve your own Pokemon, it carries the strength and stats from the previous evolution stage, instead of randomized numbers like those caught in the wild. Meaning you can create super-Pokemon by training them from their lowest evolution. C'mon, I can't be the only one wanting an Alakazam! 

2. Elite League Tournaments

One of the greatest feelings was when you beat the best of the best: The Elite Four. Nowadays, anyone can be a Gym owner, but where is that feeling of accomplishment? I want to see a true gathering of the greatest Trainers out there - An Olympic-sized event of Pokemon Mastery packed into a stadium to hash it out until one can be crowned the Champion. 

This is a tall order for Pokemon GO, as it's still early in its development - but anything can happen in the world of Pokemon! Remember those Trading Card Games? People would travel for miles around to collect "Gym Badge" cards in order to get entry into the Championships (and they played for real money). Crazier stuff has happened for these fuzzy critters, so maybe a Championship isn't too far away.

3. More Variety in Pokemon Go Locations

Some folks have expressed their disdain at only being able to locate one or two types of Poke'mon in their immediate area, while city-goers can come across a large variety. One Facebooker mentions only being able to find Doduo in his rural area, while another man catches only Rattata. While travel is key to collecting the most Pokemon, how much travel should be necessary? We've seen the late night car trips, or grabbing your bicycle at a moment's notice to answer the call of the Poke'dex. 

It's still unknown how the generator works (other than water-types are found near water, etc.), but maybe it'd be great to put some rare Pokemon in hard-to-get rural areas? No one really wants to go on a 40-minute roadtrip just to find something other than Diglett. 

4. Team Merchandise

Lots of people have already started producing their own gear, like the phone charger* pictured above. One of the great things about this game is the creativity it's sparked (I've already made team bags), and I can't wait to see people showing off that Instinct, Mystic or Valor pride. And there's no wrong way to do it! Not crafty? By purchasing these items from your fellow Trainers, you're helping to create a new economy.

Already, there's a massive amount of tech that is geared toward Poke'mon GO and its players, from Poke'drones to apps that map your city for Pokestops, Lures and more. Keep making stuff! We like it! 

*We do not recommend making your own phone chargers. 

5. Actual Poke'balls

We know of the GO Plus - the state-of-the-art Pokemon GO companion tech that conveniently sits on your wrist and vibrates to alert you of Pokemon in the vicinity - but whatever happened to the real Poke'balls? I know it's a long way out, but I want to see a Poke'ball remote device. Easy to use, just point and capture! A little light to tell you if it was a success or not, and maybe even some vibrating action. 

Yeah, this one is more of a pipe-dream, but we all need a little bit of imagination. Until then, I'll just keep holding my plush Poke'ball wherever I go, pointing it at nothing as I play my game.

Final Thoughts

Don't get me wrong, I love everything Pokemon GO has to offer. But I also believe we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the direction Niantic will take. With 150 Poke'mon to find and catch, plus the added interaction between Gyms and Teams, this game will be around for a good, long while. And if there's anything this Pokemon Go has shown us, it's that people can be united over the very technology that threatened to separate us.

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