Nintendo 3DS players! A new game will be released this coming December and it is going to feature unique characters as you control them in an adventurous world.  Let me introduce you to “Miitopia,” a game that will be released for 3DS gamers.  This article is going to explain 6 reasons why you should purchase this game. 

1. Interesting gameplay

The gameplay for "Miitopia" focuses on players controlling protagonist characters in a world of swords and magic.  The evil character is the Great Demon King who has stolen the faces of the inhabitants of Miitopia. With the Great Demon King stealing the faces, players must travel the world and train themselves to a high enough level to defeat the demon.

2. Job classes

When players choose their characters, they are able to characterize their job classes. Here are the available job classes: Cook, Cat, Tank, Devil, and Idol.  Along with this, they can choose their job titles.  The jobs they can choose are Mage, Thief, Warrior, and Priest.

3. Character personality

Sometimes, you will want your game character to have the same personality like you.  For the case of “Miitopia”, this game allows you to do this.  Players are able to decide their character’s type of personality, such as “full of energy”, “kind”, “carefree”, “does things at their own pace”. and “stubborn.”

4. Inns

During your journey, you will be able to stay at inns, where your Miis character will be able to boost human interactions, their abilities, and purchase strong equipment.  Along with this, you will be able to carry out various support-related assignments.

5. Tomodachi Life

There is a special thing in the game called “Tomodachi Life.”  "Tomodachi" in Japanese means "friends", so while playing and staying at the inns, you will be able to enjoy fun interactions with other Miis.  You get to spend time with them and build friendships together.

6. Mii Money

If you want to get the desired equipment right away, the game gives your Miis money, which allows you to purchase weapons, clothing, and more. Getting money is great because sometimes you want to get the best weapon and equipment right away.