Indie developers deserve their own support and popularity. Most of them create wonderful underrated games that are left untouched by other people. Today, we'll be featuring seven indie games that you should definitely check out!

1. Human Resource Machine

2016 12 15 09 23 29 human resource machine

Developed by: Experimental Gameplay Group

Price: $4.99

Do you feel that puzzle games these days are easy as 123? Well, Human Resource Machine is on a whole new level. It combines puzzles and programming that will surely boggle your mind. In each level, your boss gives you a job/task. You are to perform it by doing a little bit of programming. But be warned, it is not that simple. As you progress into the game, more codes get unlocked, which makes it harder for you to think of the right way to make your little office worker do their job. This game will surely make use of your brain and wits.

2. Love You To Bits

2016 12 15 09 53 01 love you to bits

Developed By: Alike Studio

Price: $3.99

Love You To Bits is an adorable point-and-click sci-fi adventure game that is filled with puzzles. Take on the role of Kosmo and his journey to rebuild his robot girlfriend after a fatal accident that scattered her into pieces in space. It's a beautiful puzzle game where its simplicity makes it quite amusing to play.

3. Framed

2016 12 15 11 02 47 framed

Developed By: Loveshack

Price: $3.99

An interesting noir puzzle game where you have to re-arrange panels or frames of an animated comic book to get a different view or outcome. It gained a lot of popularity and awards due to its unique gameplay which is why I recommend this to people who want to try out a cool new puzzle game with a bit of twist.

4. Seashine

2016 12 15 11 24 40 seashine

Developed by: Patrick Ellis

Price: Free

Seashine is a very wonderful game. You are a cute jellyfish who's struggling to survive a very harsh
environment. You'll have to eat/consume other small illuminated fish so you can light your way up. Otherwise, you won't be able to see the dangers that lurk around you. It's a simple puzzle game that gets harder as you encounter harder enemies. It's unique gameplay and beautiful artworks makes it totally worth a try.

5. Chameleon Run

2016 12 15 11 50 31 chameleon run

Developed By: Noodlecake Studios Inc

Price: $1.99

Are you looking for a 3D platformer game combined with a color switch game feature? Then you should check out Chameleon Runner.Your main goal is to run, jump, and switch your character's color to match the color of the platform. Sounds easy enough, right? That's why they also added different types of obstacles and more color as you get to more levels.

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