The holiday seasons is near! What better way to enjoy the holidays than to relax and play fun rhythm games? For those new to the genre, mobile rhythm games are games where you follow an action to the beat of the music. In most cases, you tap into your screen along with the song played. 

Here are our top list of rhythm games perfect for the holidays:

1. Love Live! School Idol Festival

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It focuses on a school idol group named "Muse" as they go into the school idol scene and become one of the top school idol groups. The game is played by tapping 9 circles accompanied by songs. Players can also collect "member cards" that vary in rarity from Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards.

Each card, depending on the rarity, can give out special effects such as score boosts depending on the card. The game also has a main storyline, side stories from each core member of Muse, and extra stories from a non-Muse member.

2. Cytus

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The game's main storyline talks about a distant future where the only sentient beings are robots. To prevent human memories from fading, the robots stored human memories in a place called Cytus where they can freely convert human emotions into songs. Its gameplay is tapping circles that reaches over a line paired with music. It has two difficulty options that range from Easy-Normal or Normal-Hard with over 200 songs divided by chapters, with each chapter having different stories in them.


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The story is about high school schoolmates who formed a band named VOEZ. Its story is unlocked through by clearing the conditions and can be viewed in the "Diary", where you can see your story progress. In the game, there are over 50 games each with 3 difficulties: Easy, Hard and Special. The music varies from soothing guitar songs to electric dance music.

4. Dynamix

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Unlike most music rhythm games in this list, Dynamix does not have a storyline. It focuses mainly as a music rhythm game. Its game style is also different in a way that it utilizes the three sides of your smartphone. Left, right, down, and can be played by tapping fingers, holding, and dragging.

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