When we're feeling bored, we have a tendency to take out our phones in order to check emails, surf the net, and other menial tasks. At some point, we want to exercise our brain a little with some good puzzles. Looking for cool puzzle games to play on your iPhone to pass time? Check out our list below!

1. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Utilize all the Marvel characters as you build your ultimate team in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Your adventure is to defeat each of your opponents by matching the tiles from each level. Since the game does have a story line, expect each puzzle level to get tougher.

2. Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle

Play as your favorite Angry Birds character as you battle with real time opponents and defeat them by matching the colors/faces of various feathery puzzles. Keep your eyes open as you will have to move quickly because there is a timer for each puzzle level.

3. Hero Emblems

Experience an adventure JRPG as you embark on a journey through the Middle Ages with your heroes in Hero Emblems. Each level requires you to defeat monsters by matching the tiles. Match tiles to gain combos and deal damage against the many monsters you'll be facing throughout the game.

4. Star Trek – Wrath of Gems

Battle starships and enemies by matching same colored gems in Star Trek – Wrath of Gems. You’ll be able to play as your favorite Star Trek characters from The Original Series and The Next Generation in this RPG puzzle game quest. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock new characters, each with their own unique skills.

5. Spellfall – Puzzle Adventure

Spellfall - Puzzle Adventure is a puzzle game where you match colorful tiles in order to attack monsters and opponents with magic spells. Let your character grow stronger and save the world from the evil dark spirits in this adventure game.