Pokemon Sun and Moon has become one of the most sought-after games for the Nintendo 3DS. Pre-orders are available almost nowhere now. Much like the NES Classic from the same parent company, nobody is willing to wait until after the release dates. They are making sure they have it the day it is released.

More important are the Z-Moves being given to the Pokemon in the Sun and Moon installments. Since there are many new Pokemon, we'll show you what we feel are the best moves introduced so far.

Sinister Arrow Raid

Using its own body as an additional projectile, Decidueye unleashes a hail of arrows to attack the enemy. The arrows deliver the 'killing blow' immediately after the Pokemon makes contact with the target.

Malicious Moonsault

Watching the video above, you see how brutal this move is. Some would call it overkill.

Incineroar jumps into the sky, shooting fire from his/her belt, before landing on the enemy target like an American pro-wrestler.

Oceanic Operetta

Singing to the water she calls home, Primarina, creates a bubble and sits it over the enemy target before detonating it to deal extreme damage. (Reminds you of a Siren, doesn't it?)

Guardian of Alola / Death Smash

Each of the Pokemon designated as a tepu are able to use this move, as they are the Guardians of the region.

The creatures seal their shells and a giant avatar appears from the ground to attack the enemy. This attack deals damage equal to 75% of the target creature's remaining HP.


This is now Pikachu's most powerful move. Gaining strength from its trainer, Pikachu wraps itself in high voltage electricity before charging at the enemy in a spinning motion.

Extreme Evoboost

This move is probably the most overkill of all Z-Moves. Upon activation of the ability, all of Evee's second stage creatures lend their power to Evee. The majority of Evee's stats are raised by 2.

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