Here we have some of the best new games of the week that you should definitely try. Read on and be sure to check them out!

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was first released for the Nintendo DS in 2007. Published by Capcom, the Ace Attorney franchise has spawned several games, from sequels to spinoffs. Follow defense attorney Apollo Justice as the game takes you through the trials and tribulations of working in a courtroom.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now available on the App Store.

Arcane Dragons

Wizards and dungeons, archers and monsters! The new Arcane Dragons is an action-packed fantasy RPG with PvP duels and a unique co-op system. Join teams of three to defeat fearsome beasts and hone your combat skills. Unlock new costumes for customization and enjoy the beautiful environments and vivid action.

Arcane Dragons is free to download and play on iOS devices.

Amateur Surgeon 4

 A fun game full of gore and "medical experts", Amateur Surgeon 4 is the newest [adult swim] game to come to iOS. With interesting operations, absurd patients, and an undead doctor, get ready to save lives! Follow Dr. Bleed as he tries to unravel the secrets behind his resurrection. Operate on over 100 patients, unlock over 30 partners, and use their special abilities to aid you. Do you have what it takes?

Amateur Surgeon 4 is free to play in the App Store.

Colt Express

The famed train-robbery board game has been given new life in a brand new app. Colt Express is here, better than ever. Scheme, plot, and plan to become the richest person in the west. But remember, everyone is after you! Follow six unique characters with their own goals in the intense story mode. With online and offline capabilities, this game also features a multiplayer leaderboard. Can you climb to the top, or will you be lost to the tumbleweeds? 

Colt Express is available on the App Store.

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation

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