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The Nintendo Switch was revealed last October 25 via a trailer. However, the video wasn't all that revealing at all. In fact, it left a lot of unanswered questions for the fans-- questions whose answers we can only speculate for now. Here are some of the questions the people are asking regarding the Nintendo Switch.

What are the Nintendo Switch specs?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions a lot of people have about the Nintendo Switch is "how powerful is it?" For a game console, power is one of the biggest factors in determining how good it is and how it can compete with other consoles. However, Nintendo has proven the fact that despite releasing underwhelming consoles throughout the years, they can still make it up through providing great content for its consumers. 

Recently, Nintendo released a list of game developers pledging to support the console. Among the list were big name game developers in the industry-- Bethesda, FromSoftware, Ubisoft, and more. This left a lot of people wondering if the Nintendo Switch would be able to handle popular game titles from these developers. Nintendo has also revealed that it would powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra processor, but that's the only thing we know so far about its specifications.

Does this mean that Nintendo is stepping up their game and compete with its more powerful competitors such as the PS4 and XBox One? Or will they play it safe and keep it low?

What games will we get on the Switch?

So far, we've seen a few games being played on the Nintendo Switch in the reveal trailer. However, not a lot of these games have received confirmation by their developers. The games that are confirmed, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Just Dance 2017, lack in details and release dates. We take more about the Nintendo Switch games we might see in our article below:

Will we still have the classic Nintendo trademark touchscreen?

Nintendo has always been known to add that ever useful touchscreen in their consoles. However, for the Nintendo Switch, they've been keeping their mouths shut on whether the console would have a touchscreen. In our opinion, no Nintendo console would be complete with a touchscreen. The Switch screen looks a lot like a tablet, doesn't it? They're bound to use that big screen for something other than display and we're guessing it's touch-enabled.

Ubisoft just announced Just Dance 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Does it mean it'll have motion controls?

Probably. I mean, how else would you play Just Dance? Besides, we shouldn't be surprised. Nintendo was the first one to pilot motion controllers on their Wii console. After that, motion-controlled games boomed and now most of the gaming consoles have it integrated into their system (i.e. PS4, Xbox One).

How long is the Switch's battery life?

Much like the touchscreen question, we don't know the answer. But for one thing, in the video, Nintendo showed a lot of scenes of people taking the Switch out in public and playing with it. One scene evens shows a guy playing his Nintendo Switch while on a plane! We figure that Nintendo will put extra effort into giving the Switch a big battery life. If the New Nintendo 3DS XL has 3-4 hours of battery life, we're guessing the Switch will have around 5-6.

Will the game look and feel the same on the handheld and TV?

There are rumors that the Nintendo Switch will be able to churn out 4K gaming on the TV. We don't know it for sure but if that's true, then they'll have to go the extra mile on the portable unit so that the graphics won't suffer. If we had to guess, we're thinking that the difference of the TV gaming and the portable gaming won't be so evident. However, in order for the portable unit to be able to handle the power needed to run the games, the battery life has to suffer a bit. Let's hope that Nintendo will have a solution to balance everything out for a great gaming experience.

How much is the Nintendo Switch?

Last but not the least, this is one of the things that everyone has been waiting for. The deal-maker or deal-breaker for the Nintendo Switch-- the all-important price tag of the console. We've discussed about the speculative price of the Nintendo Switch lengthily in one of our articles. You can read the article on the link below:

So many questions are still left unanswered and Nintendo fans are eager to know. We need not worry though. I'm sure Nintendo will reveal the answers to our questions and more throughout the months. 

What about you? What are you most curious about the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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