Final Fantasy XV is the newest addition to Square Enix's Final Fantasy game franchise and will be officially released on November 29th. It's going to be available on Xbox & PS4 consoles. Whether or not you are new to the Final Fantasy franchise, this is a helpful list of reasons why you should try the game on its release date. 

1. New Final Fantasy Game

It's a new game for the Final Fantasy franchise! Whether you're new to the Final Fantasy series or a veteran, this game is a must-have since you'll be one of the many who get to experience the game early in all its glory. 

2. New Battle System

They have completely revamped the battle system to real-time beat-'em'-up style of gameplay. Players no longer have to spend countless hours of tedious clicking of buttons doing the same thing over and over again. Now, players have the option of real-time battle strategies that makes fights more varied and challenging. No more repetitive clicking of the same action sets from its more retro turn-based style in previous games.

3. Open-World Gaming

Players now have the freedom of exploring places as much as they want on a giant open field. They would be able to take in the impressive scenery and gorgeous landscapes throughout the world. It makes the game more immersive. It helps players delve into the futuristic world and experience it to its fullest since they are now able to move more.

4. Engaging Storyline

It follows the story of Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince who is heir to the Lucian Throne. His homeland invaded, his beloved father King Regis killed, Noctis battles his way to reclaim his homeland along with his companions. This compelling story set in an open-world gameplay makes the game even more interesting to play for those who are new to the Final Fantasy franchise or veterans alike.

5. Stunning Visuals & Chill Music

The game's special feature - which is the open-world gameplay allows players to take advantage of the amazing visuals in the game. Paired with a chill background music, it makes Final Fantasy XV more immersive and fun to play. The game's great visuals and music all add to the game's general quality.

6. Nostalgia

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The game may have changed its gameplay and added an open-world feature but it is still the same Square Enix game you'll know and love. You might want to have a try Final Fantasy XV for the sake of nostalgia and relive the days of playing long hours grinding characters. In any case, there is some nostalgic value for some who have played the older versions of the series so players can compare and appreciate the little additions and changes in the new game.

7. Hype Train

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