Sword Art Online is a hugely popular anime in both Japan and the United States of America. Many fans have created their own spin-off manga inspired by SAO. Previous titles in the series include SAO: Hollow Fragment and Lost Song.

There is now a fourth installment in the series called Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Why should you take a look at it and what makes it different from past games? Well, we're here to help you answer those questions with our list of 7 reasons to play this Sony exclusive.

Back to the Roots

Reki Kawahara, the original author of the Sword Art Online novels, closely watched over the story and project as it was developed.

Previous installments of the game were not so well-received due to localization errors. Bringing in the original creator is likely the developer's way of staying as close to the source material as possible.


Now with action elements, there is also a focus on taking creatures and other characters head on in battle. New attacks can now be issued with 'chain attacks' that can deliver powerful combos. You can also be direct and receive guidance from other members of your party during battle.

Parties now consist of four party members. Additionally, a new healing system allows characters to rejoin the battle as long as teammates continue to fight.

Rich Adventure

As you progress on your adventures through the world, your environment evolves as time passes. What kind of impact will you have on this new virtual universe?


If you are a huge fan of the game but prefer to game with friends, you're in luck. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization comes with an online multiplayer feature.


An exclusive DLC called Fighters of The Blue Sky brings in Lost Song characters Rain and Seven. Included in this package are a new PvP feature and additional story content.

The Shrine Maiden of The Abyss, set for release in 2017, will add three more chapters to the game.

Extra Costumes

Not only will you receive access to the Shrine Maiden DLC, you'll get exclusive access to costume only available to those who purchase a season pass.

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