Nintendo's Miitomo takes you and your friends into a digital world of social adventure. Players can design highly customizable avatars to represent themselves and interact with other users. As the Mii and their player interact, the Mii will store and convey interesting factoids about their player to other Mii's. Despite this unique feature, Miitomo has seen a decline in their fanbase - one that they hope will be revived with the release of their newest update. 

Sure, you can open up your phone and download it in haste... Or, you can keep reading to find out the hot new additions.

1. Mii Messages

Now you can bug your friends in real time with personalized Mii greetings! Yes, that's right - your digital self can now pose for instant selfies right to your friend's inbox. Pick a facial expression, your outfit and the right accessories to complete your heartfelt telegram, and your Mii will personally walk the letter right to your friend. 

Now, if only we could get them to deliver pizza as quickly.

2. Interior Decorating

With a digital life comes a digital pad, complete with plenty of options to make it your own. Earn your decorations by playing the Miitomo Drop mini-game, and create posters using your own photos. Your friends can also see your room, making this is the literal meaning of posting on a social "wall". 

3. Fashion Passion

For me, the best part of Mii's were dressing them up in a collection of weird, funny, cute and sporty outfits. After the update. you can now show off your favorite clothing combinations to the world. Create and display outfits for your friends to like, try on or add to their collection - for free! It's really just like raiding your friend's closet, only you never have to return the borrowed clothing. 

4. Global Questions

Have you ever wanted to answer on a world-wide poll and given your thoughts about the truly serious issues in life? Like, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Now you can! At the Answer Central hub, you can respond to public questions and answers and communicate with a wider audience. 

5. Sidekicks

If one Mii wasn't enough, you can now have more with Sidekick Mii. The sidekicks can be dressed, and each comes with their own room. I like to think of them as pets you can collect, with room for up to 100 sidekicks per Mii.

6. Timelines

Just like another popular social site we all know and use, Miitomo brings us a Timeline feature, allowing users to view their friends' activities and their character's rooms. While this may not be unique, it can be useful for checking up on your buddies while you were away.

7. Game Memorabilia

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