Nintendo confirmed the release date for its newest mobile app Super Mario Run on the 16th of December 2016. We have listed down reasons why you should play the game.

1. Easy-to-Play

Super Mario Run can be played in one hand which makes it so convenient and easy to play. In the game, Mario is constantly running so players only needs a well-timed tap to make him jump on tubes and collect coins. The mechanics do not require anything else other than tapping the screen. 

2. Variety of Modes

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There are three different modes to choose from: World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. In World Tour, Mario has to clear 6 worlds filled with 24 brand-new course in order to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Toad Rally allows players to challenge other players around the world and compete by gathering coins. For Kingdom Builder, Mario has to gather coins and toads to build your own kingdom. Players can create and decorate kingdoms.

3. Play with Friends or Family

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The game is generally for everyone. Play with friends, bond over the game with family or compete against people from all over the world. The game offers enough features and entertainment to play with. With three play modes to choose from, there is definitely variety in the game that would make each game interesting to play.

4. Play Against Other People

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Players can take on another player through Toad Rally mode. If you are feeling confident with your skills, you can compete against another player from all over the world and beat them by getting the highest score. Or maybe compete with friends or family members.

5. Affordable Price

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In the US, for the price of $9.99, you can have the game. Prices differ depending on where you are but for Nintendo game, it's affordable and definitely worth the price. Moreover, there will be no additional payments after purchasing Super Mario Run. No more pesky pop-up ads asking you to spend more money in the game.

6. To Pass The Time

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