People have done some interesting things with the coding in Pokemon Go already. Some people have spawned unofficial Legendaries, and others have found ways to get multiple Pokeballs with hardly any work. Some hacks are simpler than others, so let's take a look at those that require skill and those that just require a rumba.

The Pokemon Go Rumba Hack

This Go player found a way to hatch egg without ever standing on his feet. Do you have a spare Rumba lying around? If your cat's not sitting on top of it, then place your phone and watch your Pokemon hatch with ease.

Zapdos Hack

YouTuber FrozenAquaCat shows us how he force generated a Zapdos.

In order to do this, he uses a Python Script (python is one of many computer languages) to change Rattata's ID to 143. This forces the game to change the Pokemon into the legendary Zapdos, despite not looking like Zapdos before clicking on the Pokemon.

As with all script changes made by users, do these things with extreme caution.

Choosing Pikachu as Starter

This is a pretty simple hack. Most outlets report that this takes about 40 minutes, but I can attest to it taking less time. When first starting the game, you are given the choice to choose between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Simply walk away from them a couple of times, and eventually Pikachu will generate and you can simply walk up and tap the creature to make it yours.

Unlimited Coins?

The link below claims to give players the ability to generate Pokeballs and Pokecoins for free. Using tools like this carries a high risk of being banned. Use this only if you have a back-up Google account, and are okay with losing the dozens of Pokemon you already have.

Recover Your Pokeballs

Are you getting pissed about losing so many Pokeballs trying to catch a single creature? Good news! There is definitely a way to recover those missed shots. If you are fast enough, when a Pokeball hits the the ground simply tap it and you should be able to recover it. It's probably a good way to improve one's visual reflexes.

Final Thoughts

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