Adult Swim Games is at it again and added a new installment of Amateur Surgeon series - Amateur Surgeon 4. You will be facing familiar faces as they "combined" almost all Amatuer Surgeon games into one massive game. They added new faces and story that will keep your hands glued to your mobile phone.

The game is quite easy if you know how your tools work. As with previous Amateur Surgeon games, the surgeries are out of this world with a dash of humor. Make your way to be the successful improvised surgeon there is!

In this article, we will teach you how your tools work and how to finish level 1 - 10 in a breeze.

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Amatuer Surgeon 4 - Tools

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1. Pizza Cutter

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The Pizza Cutter is used to slice open a patient. Use the Pizza Cutter whenever there is an orange dotted line on the patient like on the image above or after using the Scanner.

2. Clamp

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The Clamp is used whenever there are veins or wires that are cut. It is used to stop the patient from bleeding. After using the Clamp you have to tap, hold, and rotate your finger in order for it to tighten.

3. Tongs

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Tongs are used to remove objects or put objects in the patients body. Sometimes you have to use the tongs to get rid of dead insects and other matters. Since you are playing Amateur Surgeon, some patients are requesting body modifications and you're going to use the Tongs to handle that.

4. Vacuum

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Usually after pulling out an object or after using the chainsaw, blood will spill out. As shown on the image above, there are red blood droplets on the patient. Clear them with the Vacuum.

5. Injector

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The Injector is used when your patient is low on BPM. If your patient is low on BPM, which is usually below 20, you have a higher risk of killing your patient. 

6. Scanner

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Whenever you're stuck or if you're dealing with a patient with a lot of protruding items such as broken glasses, wood splinters, and even porcupine spines, you will be needing the Scanner. The Scanner will scan the patient's body and it will tell you if you missed one or two. The circle around it will turn red if you're cold, yellow if you're near, and green if you're on the spot. Slice open your patient with the Pizza Cutter to reveal what's underneath.

*The scanner will send out a gray signal if it doesn't scan anything.

7. Stapler

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Close down big wounds with the Stapler. It is usually used after slicing open a patient or after remove a debris out of his or her body. 

8. Healing Gel

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Dr. Bleed's patented Healing Gel. Use this after you cauterize the patient's wound or burn marks. You can lather this on freely. Sometimes the game will tell you that a Healing Gel is needed by having green dotted lines on a patient.

9. Lighter

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Nope, it is not there for you to use on your cigs after operating a patient. It is there to cauterize their wounds after opening them up. After using the Stapler to close the wound, use the Lighter to permanently close it, and the Healing Gel to get rid of it completely. Sometimes there are small wounds that doesn't need the Stapler. You just have to cauterize it with the Lighter and then finish it with the Healing Gel.

10. Chainsaw

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It is not used to massacre your patients but to save lives! The Chainsaw is there to help you get rid of unwanted body parts and sometimes kill whatever's inside your patient.

11. Battery

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A super charged Battery is used to stun insects who invaded your patient's body. It is not just used on insects but other "animals" as well.

12. Syringe

The Syringe is used to suck poison out of your victims body. Starting with a low level Syringe, youmight have to use it a bunch of times to completely remove the poison. 

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 1 - Jack Ratchett

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This level is pretty easy. You will be needing your trusty Tongs to get rid of any debris on Jack's spine. Make sure you pull out the rocks the way they came in.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 2 - Barbara Ho-Tep

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Have your Pizza Cutter ready as you will be removing tons of old bandages off Barbara's body. Some of her parts have Poison so use your Syringe in removing them.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 3 - The Memotron

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After slicing open the Memotron, clean the gunk by using your Vacuum. Go on business as usual, closing wounds, cauterizing, and using the healing gel.

On the second opening of Memotron, you will be offered a Soda Can. Pick it up using your Tongs and place it on the busted part of the Memotron. Seal it with the Lighter and Healing Gel.

After patching the left and right side of the Memotron, you will be offered a Brick. Again, use your Tongs to pick it up and then drop it on the glass. Get rid of the shards plus the brick. Pick up the Brain and place it on the metal shining rod. Connect the necessary wires using the Tongs to the correct color. After connecting everything, zap the Brain with the Battery to bring it back to life. Replace the broken glass and you're done!

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 4 - Dr. Bleed

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This level is fast and easy. After opening Dr. Bleed with a Pizza Cutter, match the correct broken rib to the correct rib cage. The length of the broken rib will help you find where it belongs. Putting it on a wrong place may lower Dr. Bleed's BPM. have your Injector ready.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 5 - Tommy Gracefuls

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Just like Dr. Bleed's operation on Level 4, Tommy Gracefuls' operation on Level 5 is also an easy task. Get rid of protruding Glass Shards with Tongs, close the big wounds, cauterize, and lather with Healing Gel. No need to use the Scanner this time.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 6 - Roadkill Cletus

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Tommy on Level 5 had Glass Shards protruding. this time on Level 6,  Roadkill Cletus "accidentally" landed on a porcupine. Help him get rid of those spikes with your Tongs and close the wound with the Stapler, Lighter, and Healing Gel. You will be going into his kidneys, liver, and heart in order to save him.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 7 - Insurance-fraud Claude

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Insurance-fraud Claude is just littered with nails inside his body. You can find one right away on his chest. Use the Scanner on his chest to locate that lone nail embedded on his skin.

After clearing his chest, you will go to his Lungs. In the image above, we found four hidden nails on his lungs. Use the Scanner to locate the four nails, as we are not sure if those are permanent location.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 8 - Trent Coat

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On this case, our victim "landed and fell" on some bullets while he was making a "bank deposit". Help him with your Scanner and Tongs to locate all the bullets inside him.

On his chest, we found two hidden bullets. On his stomach there are three more hidden bullets as shown on the image above. Last but not the least is his kidneys. There is one hidden bullet on each kidney. 

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 9 - Junkyard Guts

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Start off by opening his chest with a Pizza Cutter. You will then be directed to a rib cage with black dotted lines. Open it using your Chainsaw. Use your Chainsaw with caution, small taps is the key. After using the Chainsaw, clean the mess with the Vacuum.

The usual BAU where you remove things with the TongsLighter, and Healing Gel. Somewhere inside Junkyard Guts is a Magnet. Remove it using your Tongs and then close it with multiple Staplers. Do the Lighter plus Healing Gel after.

Put back his Rib Cage with Tongs, cauterize it with the Lighter, and heal it with the Healing Gel. Close the wound and you're done!

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Level 10 - "Lumbar" Jack Piles

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Level 10 with "Lumbar" Jack Piles is easy. Use your Syringe to get rid of any excess fluids (in green) in his back. Remove wood splinters and he's good!

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There will be over 100 surgeries on Amateur Surgeon 4! If you're squirmish about blood, guts, and other parts, this game is not for you. But if you don't mind to have a little (or a lot) of blood on your hands, weird scenarios, and out of this world diseases you will love Amateur Surgeon 4!

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