If you have been playing Amateur Surgeon ever since it was released, you might already know that you can tamper the dates. On Amateur Surgeon 4, tampering the date is still possible but the hours can stack up if you don't know how to use it.

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In this article, we will teach you how to get unlimited amount of money and Gems that are worth around $3.99 for FREE! No need to download anything or answer any essays, just follow the steps below. We will also indicate how you can use a partner forever on the Sudden Death Challenge.

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Amateur Surgeon 4 - Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems Hack

Step 1: Missions Page

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This hack can be used even if the wifi is on, but we recommend that it is off.

Go to the Missions page and check out the DAILY PLAY. You will be receiving a reward every time you log in everyday. As you can see on the image, there is still 8 hours and 35 minutes before we receive the 50 Gems bonus.

Step 2: Settings

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Go to your phone's Settings without leaving the app.

Step 3: Date

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Turn off "Set Automatically" and change the date. Put it a day ahead.

Step 4: Go back

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Go back to the app and check if the Claim button is already clickable. DO NOT TAP ON THE CLAIM BUTTON YET!*

Back to your phone's settings, tap on "Set Automatically" or just manually go back to the correct date. Once you're on the right day, go back to the app and now it is time to CLAIM!

As your date is one day further, the hours will stack up when you go back to the correct date.

Step 5: Claim

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After claiming your Money or Gems, if you did the hack correctly, it will go back to the 24 hours count down. You can repeat the cheat as many as you can starting from Step 2.

Amateur Surgeon 4 - Partner Hack and Cheat

Waiting for a partner to cool off is a bit of a nuisance, especially if you need stars to unlock a quest. Lucky for you, we found a way where you can use a partner as many as you can without those pesky cool downs.

Partner Hack and Cheat

Sudden Death Challenges can earn you a star but it requires a Partner. The good thing about Sudden Death Challenges is that you don't need a specific Partner to unlock it. Any partner will do.

Choose the most unnecessary Partner (I personally chose Filthy Nowe). After using him on one Sudden Death Challenge, you will be facing a cool down. DO NOT CHOOSE ANOTHER PARTNER! Simply do the date tampering hack. Move on to another quest and finish another Sudden Death Challenge still with your chosen Partner.

If you're doing the Unlimited Gold and Gems Hack, don't worry! We got you covered. As usual, pick your partner (preferably the one that is readily upgrade-able). Use him on a Sudden Death Challenge.

To remove the cool down, collect your Daily Reward, go to Settings, and do the "plus one day date tampering". The trick here is to NOT REVERSE THE DATE BACK YET. After date tampering, claim your daily reward and play with your partner. Repeat as necessary.

Once you're tired of playing and want to go back to the right date, do another "plus one day date tampering" and then check the CLAIM button on Missions if it's available. Go back to your phone's settings. Tap on the "Set Automatically" or manually correct the date.

As you get back in the game, you will notice the countdown timer on your Partner is high. We will refresh it back to zero by UPGRADING. You can upgrade your Partner by going to Re-generator and buying a 5 Partner pack with your 50 Gems from your Unlimited Money and Gems Hack.

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Make sure to upgrade your Partners wisely as it is the only way to refresh their cool down. The Unlimited Money and Gems hack can easily give you upgrades for your tools and partners. You can level your tools up to Level 9 (You will have to pay to get a Level 10 tools). We recommend that you are not online or the wifi is off whenever you do these cheats and hacks.

Enjoy and make Dr. Bleed and Alan Probe proud. Time to save some lives!

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