Occultic;Nine is an anime series that tells the story regarding nine individuals as they get involved into the matters of occult. Occult means “knowledge of the hidden,” and as they get more involved with this dark magic, each of their lives starts to change. Since there are nine characters for this anime series, each of them has a personality in which you will like (or not like). Ladies will like a certain female character, and the males will also.

With that said, let me introduce you to one female character that is receiving attention in the anime series.

Ryoka Narusawa | Occultic;Nine

This article is going to reveal five facts regarding Ryoka Narusawa, who is part of the main characters for Occultic;Nine. Also, I will explain regarding how you can cosplay her outfit.

1. Age & Height

Ryoka is 16 years old. Her height is 153cm. Converting her height from centimeters to feet will be 5ft tall.

2. What She Does For A Living

Ryoka Narusawa is a spirit guide who has aspirations to become a singer. While still a freshman in high school, she decided to join the group. Ryoka does have a weapon, which is an elastic stun-gun.

3. Personality

Since Ryoka is 16 years old, she is one who has lots of energy. Notice in the anime that she is one who’s always bubbly. There are no signs of her ever running out of energy. While Ryoka is 16 years old, her personality is of a four-year old child. When it comes to meeting friends, she is going to get along with everyone because people love having a fun and cheerful person to hang out with.

4. Appearance

Being at the age of only 16 years old, Ryoka’s appearance is one in which you are going to notice quickly. Sure her hair and eyes are blonde and all, though you are going to notice how huge her racks are. Also, her hips are too wide. Guys who watches the anime series for the first time, will spot this quickly.

5. Who The Voice For Ryoka Is

The voice for Ryoka is Ayane Sakura, who is known for starring in other hit anime shows such as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNUFU and Is the Order a Rabbit? With Ayane being a known voice actress, it is no surprise why she got contacted to be the voice for Ryoka.

Ryoka Cosplay

Now that you know how Ryoka’s personality is, definitely doing a cosplay of her outfit is what you are excited about. Here is what clothes you will need in order to look like Ryoka Narusawa.

Outfits Needed