Who says short people can't play volleyball? Hinata Shouyo proves that wrong as he stars as the main character in the anime series titled Haikyuu. He dreams to follow in the footsteps of the "Small Giant", his role model and the one who inspired him to play volleyball. Hinata is steadfast and ambitious, never wanting to give up in order to achieve his dreams. Follow Hinata and his teammates' journey in Karasuno High as they go up against various high school volleyball teams and climb their way to the top!

Did we get you interested in Hinata's character? Itching to know more about this little rising volleyball star? Read on to find out!

1. He's Small for a Volleyball Player

He is 16 years old and is a first year student at Karasuno High. Hinata’s height is 164.2 cm (5'4ft), making him an unusually small volleyball player than average. Don't let his height fool you though. Blink once and you just might miss him because what he lacks in height, he makes up for in speed and agility!

2. He is athletic but it's not something you will notice the first time

When it comes to Hinata’s appearance, he has orange hair and brown eyes. For his body, he is not buff and has a thin, slim body. While his body type is lean, Hinata is athletic and used to play a variety of sports before settling with volleyball.

3. You will rarely find Hinata looking sad

Hinata Shouyou's personality is one that you will love. He is outgoing and always energetic, finding it hard to stay still. You rarely find Hinata looking sad because Hinata is a person who is always happy and gets excited easily. He has a loud voice and is usually scolded for it.

4. He has a Younger Sister

When it comes to his siblings, Hinata Shouyou has a younger sister named Natsu Hinata. Natsu’s appearance is exactly the same like Shouyou, with her hair being orange and having brown eyes. Also, her personality is the same as Shouyo’s. Natsu has no significant role in the anime series and just lives with her mother and brother in Yukigaoka.

5. He swore to become the last man standing

Ever since Hinata Shouyo got inspired to play volleyball by a player called “Little Giant”, he decided to form a team of his own in his middle school. After getting utterly defeated in his first ever official volleyball match, Hinata swore to become strong and become the last man standing.

6. He is a formidable opponent on the court

Speaking of him being part of a volleyball team, Hinata is truly a formidable opponent. Making up for his short physique, he has an amazing spike that is able to get past tall blockers. He is a very competitive person when it comes to playing volleyball and always manages to find a way to keep the ball from hitting the ground and keeping the match from ending.

7. His likes and dislikes

When it comes to his likes and dislikes, Hinata obviously loves volleyball. Aside from that, he also likes eating Tamago Kake Gohan, a meal that consists of raw egg mixed with soy sauce on steamed rice (with optional furikkake). When it comes to his dislikes, he has a complex about his short physique and does not really like studying.

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