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Recently it was confirmed that Blood-C, an anime series that spawned a movie and a stage play, will now have a live action film named Asura Shojo ~BLOOD-C Ibun~ (Asura Girls, Blood-C Side Story). The film will be directed by Shutaro Oku, and will have a new original screenplay written by Junichi Fujisaki, the director of 2005's TV series BLOOD+.

Shutaro Oku has previously directed several films, with his latest one being USB, released in Japan in 2009. Other works from him include KAI-ON and Death of Domomata in film, and Kuroneko, Kimidori, and Byakuya in stage direction. He has also worked previously in the Blood-C franchise, working in the stage play Blood-C The Last Mind, which featured and original, untold story in the Blood-C universe.

Also in the movie, we'll be able to see Japanese actress Kaede Aono.

She will be reprising the role of Saya as the main protagonist. Kaede Aono is an actress and model, known for the Japanese movie High Kick Angels.

Blood-C is an anime/manga series that was originally aired in 2011. It features Saya as its protagonist, a seemingly normal girl that has been trained in the art of the sword and that fights the Furukimono at night. The Furukimono are monsters that menace the peace of her hometown.

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Blood-C was originally created by Studio Production I.G in collaboration with Nanase Ohkawa, the series has also inspired Blood-C The Last Dark, a movie released in 2012, and Blood-C The Last Mind, a stage play released back in 2015. Both expanding the story created in the anime. Just as the new live action film aims to do. 

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Blood-C The Last Dark (animated movie)

Blood-C The Last Mind (Stage play)

It is also important to note that Blood-C itself was inspired by the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire, which was also produced by Production I.G, this time in collaboration with SPE Visual Works. This movie was directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and features Saya as its main protagonist. The movie has spawned, apart from Blood-C, a 50 episode anime series titled Blood+.

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source: Wikipedia

Poster for the original movie

The new live action movie will be released in Japan this year.

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