Arcane Dragons Overview:

Arcane Dragons is a fantasy RPG for mobile which is free-to-play. It is also previously known as Dragon Encounter, one of the most popular RPG before. It is going to have a relaunch with new updates and more added stuff in the game. It recently had its soft launch last month from a handful of countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Pre-registration for Arcane Dragons is being held on their website until November 29, a day before their official release. You may be able to get cool rewards by doing so!

Arcane Dragons is expected to be released on November 30 EDT.

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Arcane Dragons Trailer:

Arcane Dragons Screenshots:

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Arcane Dragons Quick Gameplay Details:

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Arcane Dragons is a fast-paced RPG and players can pick from three classes. These classes are Wizard, Archer, or Warrior. Each of these units has different skills and advantages.

There are different key features in the game. The game features Real Time Party System wherein players can create a party to finish dungeons and bosses together. In return, they can easily get great rewards. Not only that, there are also  Players Vs. Players and Guild Battles, which are amazing features for an online game and also to test your character's skills against other people.

Visually, Arcane Dragons looks good and the user interface can easily be understood. Customization is also a good part of the Arcane Dragons since there are over 100 costumes available for players to get.

Pre-Register Now:

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Below is the link where you can pre-register for Arcane Dragons. Players have to choose which platform (Android, iOS) they want to play the game and input the necessary requirements to be eligible for the rewards.

The rewards are  Premium Weapon and Premium Armor Gacha Tickets. These rewards will be sent to the players by the time the game launches officially. Unfortunately, the players who had already played/included in the soft launch last month of October are not eligible to get these rewards.

Arcane Dragons is looking really good right now, and I cannot wait for it to be launched globally! If you like fast-paced RPG with some classes and customizations. I am pretty sure you would love Arcane Dragons.

Are you planning to try this game too?

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