Koei Tecmo launched a new mobile game called Augmented Reality Girls Trinary on April 12, 2017, available for iOS and Android in Japan.

Created together with Toei Animation, Augmented Reality Girls Trinary is a game where players can interact with the main cast by means of chat messages. It is packed with great animation and interesting stories that players can enjoy all throughout their gameplay. Not only that, a battle system is also showcased where you can increase their stats/abilities to win during advance combat.

A TV Anime and a short animated movie based on this title are also being steamed to be rolled out to the public.

Special thanks to ゲーム乱舞 GameRanbu for this guide!

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary Beginners Guide:

The Animation Menu:

The application is divided into two kinds: the Animation and the Game functions.

In the Animation phase, players will have a chance to watch the characters' special animation clips. In these clips, there are scenes that will help you to understand the game further. Ideally, it is recommended for players to check these. But do not worry, if you do not have the Japanese language props, you can just dive directly into the game. You will see visual instructions later on that will help you how to play the game further.

Note: All conversations are written in Japanese.

The Game Menu:

The game will let you talk with the girls, Heroines, in able to get close with them. Aside from that, you can bring them to different quests/battles to tighten the bond with your current Heroine.

Basically, the game will allow you to play the Tutorial/Story Mode to deeply understand different controls of the game. As you advance in this mode, you will increase your character's stats and own (player's) rank. It is also advised that you use the Gacha System of the game to have strong Heroines you can count on later.

Take time to Reroll:

The system offers a good number of Heroines you can be with, in the game.

The strongest Heroine is considered an SSR unit. Primarily, the pull rate of as an SSR character is only 3%. However, due to the system's special event, players will have a chance to pull it on the 6% rate. Take note that this will run for a limited time only. Here's the complete rarity information below:

• SSR - 3% (Current Event: Start Dash Campaign = 6%)
• SR - 20%
• R - 77% (Current Event: Start Dash Campaign = 74%)

In the middle of the tutorial, you will have a chance to pull Heroines (Clan) for Free. This chance will let you have 10 Heroines in a single pull. Good luck!

Continue and Finish the Story Mode:

Each heroine has their own main story. Try to finish their individual stories as you teach yourself to master the controls of the game. Collect those free rewards such as jewels and stuffs from the quests. Use this later on in different situations, especially in pulling additional Heroines for your team.

Try using the Himegoto Chat:

The Himegoto Chat is where you will interact with your favorite Heroine in the form of bubble messages. In this phase, you will have a chance to increase (or decrease) the trust and liking to you of a specific Heroine. Please be reminded that all texts are written in Japanese. For you to answer, you just need to choose what answer you want in the current screen. Though it might be a challenge for users who cannot read Japanese, you can just guess and randomly pick your answers at this moment. This is needed to continue the story for each of them.

Activate the "Love Talk" Feature:

As you pick the answers that your chosen Heroine likes, you will further increase their affection for you. There are moments that you will see special clips/episodes if you reached certain levels of this feature. Guess with all your might!

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