Pokemon has been a classic popular game in many generations. From the old Nintendo Gameboy to newest platforms, there's almost always a Pokemon game to play. But what if you want to play something different? A game that isn't Pokemon but something similar to it?

We've gathered 7 of the best-rated iOS games that are similar to Pokemon games that are as fun to play as the original.

Check them out below:

1. PokeLand Legends

Developed By: FUNGame

Price: Free

Probably one of the best Pokemon-like game out there for mobile phones. PokeLand Legends looks so much like the original classic Pokemon games for the handheld consoles. The game is a combination of Pokemon Go, Pokemon GBC, and Pokemon GBA no matter how and where you look at it. The game has a cool 3D graphics with characters and Pokemon models that are similar to the original games. Even the name of NPC's and Pokemon are the same. However, as much as it looks a lot like the original franchise, this is merely a clone. We hope that Nintendo approves of this game. Otherwise, it'll be removed due to copyright infringement.

2. Neo Monsters

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Developed By: NTT Resonant Inc.

Price: $0.99

Neo Monsters is a game where you can explore six different worlds and catch different monsters and fight leagues to become a champion. It has a unique game style where you can have up to 16 monsters in your party and battle up to four monsters at once.

3. MonsterCrafter

2016 11 02 07 47 54 monster crafter

Developed By: Naquatic LLC

Price: Free (Pro $0.99)

Do you like Minecraft and Pokemon? MonsterCrafter combines the two to create a unique pet monster game. You can create your own monster and train it to defeat stronger enemies. It also has online play where you can fight against other people or start a clan and play through co-op challenges.

4. EvoCreo

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