After many spin-offs, pseudo-sequels, side-stories and adaptations. Finally the popular Visual Novel Steins:Gate gets a true sequel! Being part of Nitroplus' Science Adventure series, Steins;Gate is technically a sequel to Chaos;Head and it is followed by Robotics;Notes. But this new title is the first to truly give a continuation to the story and characters from the original Steins;Gate!

Being released on December 10. It is a pretty accessible game, being available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Unfortunately, for Microsoft fans, this game is still to be announced for the XBOX One, which is odd, considering the original Steins;Gate was initially a XBOX 360 exclusive.

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The original Steins;Gate ended on a good note, with everyone getting a happy ending, so one would image it would be difficult to set a sequel without making it feel too forced and unnecessary. However, different from the norm, the "0" from the title doesn't mean that this is a prequel! Steins;Gate 0 actually takes place after one of the most cruel bad endings from the original game, in which the protagonist Okabe Rintarou kill the heroine Makise Kurisu by accident while trying to save her.

This new chapter brings back all the characters from the original, but they are all changed. Specially Rintarou, who has completely abandoned his "Hooin Kyouma" persona and has ceased to play the mad scientist after the tragic accident.

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Makise Kurisu has passed away, but there's a big mystery surrounding "Amadeus" an AI created with her digitized memory. How will Rintarou react when a ghost of his past comes back to hunt him?

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Naturally, there are many brand-new faces to the game. Some came from the light novel spin-offs, but there are some completely new characters as well. They all fit well in the story's atmosphere.

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But much like the first game, there're still many plot-lines involving well-written time-travel stories. A must-play for those who love these type of stories!

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Like the original, most of the interaction that players will have with the game's world will be through Rintarou's cell phone, with will influence how the protagonist will act, and on what he should focus his attention. But this time, the game features a parody of the popular social network app "LINE", dubbed: "RINE", which uses all kinds of emoticons and icons. This will make this aspect of the gameplay much more interactive and visually interesting!

Unfortunately, Steins;Gate 0 is still to be announced for the west, but since the first game was well received in the US, it is possible that this game will also be localized in English eventually!

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