Shadowverse is a fun and interactive turn-based card game with some interesting mechanics. The art is inspired by anime and has excellent graphics for a card game. The mechanics of the game are simple yet surprisingly deep once you get the hang of it. Shadowverse has 7 classes plus a Neutral set of cards which can be used with any other class. It is rapidly gaining popularity and might be the closest rival of Blizzard's Heartstone. Recently, they released an update, making it available for play on PC and Mac. 

Moreover, they also recently added new cards which tremendously affected the game. As a result, more variety of Shadowverse decks and strategies have surfaced. Changes in tactics and decks also became apparent. Due to this, the balance of power ranking of each Shadowverse deck has changed.

In this article, we'll take a look at the updated version of Shadowverse Top Decks for each class.

Best Shadowverse Decks:


Forestcraft's specialty is "Fairies". It can overwhelm the field with multitudes of followers. Most of the cards in this class have special abilities that can be activated based on the number of cards you play in a turn. As of right now, the best deck for Forestcraft is still the Purgatory Deck. Although the strategy is pretty much the same, some new cards have been added which have greatly improved the deck's flexibility. The key cards that have been added are Crystalia Tia and Elf Knight Cynthia.

2016 11 03 15 03 26 purgatory forestcraft v2

Generate the deck code at goo.gl/fKCscK.


Swordcraft makes use of the Commander and Officer traits from its followers. This allows any kind of deck in this class to gain some buffs and power ups. These power ups usually affect the Officers but some Commanders have effects like giving buffs to all allied followers. Like Forestcraft, it is very possible to build up a tempo deck because of the number of low cost cards available for this class. Midrange Swordcraft is still the best deck for this class, but with some additions. The focal cards that were added were Ruthless Assassin and Avant Blader. 

2016 11 03 15 12 22 mid range swordcraft

Generate the deck code at goo.gl/PK4EaP.


Runecraft takes advantage of the devastating spells available in its arsenal. There are actually two routes to go with Runecraft: Spellboost and Earth Rite. Spellboost cards allow you to make a spell stronger or cost cheaper every time you cast another spell. Earth Rite, on the other hand, allows you to activate special abilities if you have an Earth Sigil amulet in the field. The best Runecraft deck is the Spellboost/Dimension Shift deck. The most noticeable additions in this updated deck are Time Worn Mage Levi and Witchbolt.

2016 11 03 15 49 49 spellboost runecraft v2

Generate the deck code at https://goo.gl/Aj7QBJ.

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