While the main Final Fantasy games enjoy continued success on consoles, Square Enix has continued to churn original FF games on mobile platforms, a lucrative gaming market. With mobile net revenue skyrocketing in 2016, it is natural for companies like Square Enix to chime in and take some slice. Their main strategy for Final Fantasy on mobile seems to be a combination of ports and originals.

Because of that, we got excellent ports like Final Fantasy IX available on iPhone and Android, as well as original games like Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

This year, however, is the year of Final Fantasy XV, an ambitious video game project that is 10 years in the making. Delayed until November of this year, it seems Square Enix is pretty much comfortable with this changed release date. And maybe even fans of the franchise too. Why? In the shadow of Final Fantasy XV are two excellent mobile FF games in the form of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Mobius: Final Fantasy. These two, while both from the same series, are also different in the way they are marketed. Let’s check out these 2 excellent titles’ similarities and differences.

Release Dates:

2016 08 23 09 30 24 release

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius was first released in Japan last October 22, 2015 while Mobius: Final Fantasy was released several months earlier in Japan on June 4, 2015. Worldwide, Brave Exvius was first released on June 29, 2016 while Mobius was only released this August.

It is worth noting that the former was open to a public beta worldwide so players have early access to it, compared to latter, which was released simultaneously around the world.


2016 08 23 09 31 08 publisher

Square Enix handled the global port of Mobius: Final Fantasy while it’s Gumi who handled Brave Exvius. It should be noted that the latter is similar to Brave Frontier, Gumi’s flagship mobile game.


2016 08 23 09 31 30 plot

While these two mobile games have a stark difference in their plot, these stories are not different when you think of the "overall" Final Fantasy theme of crystals and saving the world.

In Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, the two heroes, Rain and Lasswell, together with the Archer/Healer Fina set on to travel the world to destroy the Dark Lord who sought to destroy the, you guess it, the crystals.

In Mobius: Final Fantasy, we have the character Wol, who woke up in another world to become the Warrior of Light, the hero who will save this world from darkness. In this game, crystals are collected to change Jobs.

Gameplay and Battle System

2016 08 23 09 31 53 gameplay

Both games are turn-based, reminiscent of older Final Fantasy games. Brave Exvius has a unique turn-based system where you only have to touch the characters so that they will attack (or perform other actions, such as summon espers and use magic or items). On the other hand, Mobius: Final Fantasy is almost a turn-based game in such that the main character can perform multiple actions depending on the amount of "move" he can perform every turn. 

In terms of the gameplay, the former lets you visit different places within the map. There are towns, dungeons, and even specific places for battling. As far as I am in Mobius: Final Fantasy, every place in the map are for battling, with the menu panels on the side representing your options to upgrade cards, tinker with the game's graphics, and so on. Unlike in FFBE, you cannot take full control of your character and make him explore areas on foot. Instead, you choose a node and fight against foes. At certain times, cutscenes will trigger.

In-Game Transactions:

2016 08 23 09 34 45 summons

Like any other free-to-play mobile games, Both FFBE and Mobius have similar in-game transactions. Though of course, the purchasable items are different. In FFBE, if you purchase the in-game money, you stand the chance to obtain rare items (which you use to "awaken" units and espers) and to summon new characters. (Part of FFBE's charm is that you can play as your favorite Final Fantasy character in the past). 

In Mobius: Final Fantasy, you mainly purchase Magicites, which in turn allows you to summon Job and Ability cards, buy gift boxes, as well as other consumable such as Phoenix Down for resurrecting your character, Elixir that restores Stamina, and Openers and Crystals used to unlock Skill Panels.


2016 08 23 09 32 35 reroll

Rerolling is the act of "restarting" the game in order to obtain better items/abilities (Mobius) or characters (FFBE). Here are the two articles that can guide you for both games:

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