Every game has more or less some regional differences based on where and when it is released. But in case of Japanese games the differences are more widely seen. Lets look at what difference Bravely Second has region by region.

Japanese Edition

The Japanese edition as usual was the first edition released.

Its price is a bit expensive than the other editions. The price of the normal edition is 5,980 JPY ($50.87 USD), while the price of the collector's edition is 14,800 JPY ($125.89 USD) which is quite expensive. But the collector's edition of Japanese region comes packed with almost all features. The collector's edition includes original soundtrack CD, Agnes Figurine, Yew Geneolgia's Journal, BRAVELY DEFAULT 200 Years Later: ~ Vestal of Wind: Edea Oblige book and Magnolia Arch rubber strap. The only thing this edition lacks is the 250 page Artbook. So the expensive price is worth it.

North American Edition

The North American edition is kind of cheap compared to the Japanese edition and it was released a bit late too. The price of the normal edition is $39.99 and the collectors edition is $69.99. Although the prices may seem a bit cheaper than the Japanese version one, some features are lacking. The features that are included are the original soundtrack CD and the 250 page artbook. Other than this everything like Agnes Figurine, Yew Geneolgia's journal etc everything is lacking.

European/Australasian Edition

Next up is the European and Australasian edition.

In case of the European edition, the price is 39.99 GBP ($56.70 USD) for the normal version and 69.99 GBP ($99.23 USD) for the collector's edition. It's comparatively more expensive than the North American edition.

On the other hand, the price of the Australian one is $59.95 AUD ($41.43 USD) for the normal edition. This is cheaper than the European and Japanese edition. But the collector's edition is $169.95 AUD ($117.44 USD) which is a bit more expensive than the other editions. Both the regions collector's edition have the same features. Both have the features the North American edition have plus Agnes Figurine. But they lack the other features that the Japanese edition has.

So depending on where you are, the game's pricing might be a bit steeper or lower than the other regions.

But then again, if the game will be amazing, wouldn't that be okay?