Star Ocean's Cosplay Stars

Star Ocean is a very popular and long-running JRPG that's known for having amazing plot, graphics, character designs, and you guessed it - stunning cosplays that leave us speechless.

Star Ocean 4 - Arumat by KashinoRei

Not only did he get the color right, he's got every little detail down pack. Bravo!

Here some facts about Arumat: "An Eldarian soldier, blessed with extraordinary fighting ability even by Eldarian standards. A breakdown in the structure of his muscle cells has presented him with an ultimatum: give up his current body, or die an early death. Unsurprisingly, he has chosen to live out what time he has left as a fighter, partly as redemption for the men he has lost along the way. His squadron was wiped out after being attacked by an unknown enemy in Eldarian space, leaving him as the sole survivor, but the injuries he sustained turned his muscular system into a ticking time bomb. (Eldar does not engage in interplanetary war, but this attack kicked off the Eldarian military buildup that continues to this day.) Unafraid of death, he lives a self-destructive life in his constant quest to push himself forward. Since meeting Crowe F. Almedio and Edge Maverick, however, he has begun to re-evaluate himself. Never taking center stage, he plays a support role in their journey, although that may be born out of pure stubbornness more than anything else. He wields a giant laser scythe in battle."

Star Ocean 4 - Edge Maverick by Firiless

Now that's some mighty fine craftmanship right there.

Arumat and Edge - Stars by KashinoRei

They truly captured the theme of the game with <em>that</em> background! They deserve a hat tip! Well done!

Nel Zelpher - Star Ocean 3 by FireLilyCosplay

Work that pose girl! She did a wonderful job bring Nel to life, simply gorgeous! What's even more amazing is that she made her costume with in one week. Talk about cosplay goals!

I've been wanting to make Nel's costume for a very long time. Star Ocean 3 is one of my favorite games and I finally had the chance to sew Nel together! The dress and leggings are black ponte knit with yellow bias tape details. The body suit is brown ponte knit lined with nude knit lining. The scarf is hand knitted and took about a month total to knit. I made some thumb gloves out of Super Spandex, which are worn under hand and arm guards made of craft foam. The chest plate is insulation foam carved and sanded to shape, then painted and glued onto the dress. The red and green jewels are backed with silver vinyl, then glued onto gold painted buttons and glued onto the sleeves and chest plate. The waist cincher is vinyl over craft foam, with cord details and vinyl straps. The wig was purchased on EBay. And lastly, the symbols on my legs were drawn on by hand with berry colored Sharpie marker! I had to work really fast on the majority of this costume - I made it in about a week! I'm really happy with how it turned out, though, and I can't wait to wear Nel again!

Star Ocean 3: Clair Lasbard by NamiMisaki

With an extra touch of magic, this cosplay is spellbinding and wonderful. Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time was really a great game and this cosplay did it justice. Fantastic job!

Star Ocean 2: Precis F. Neumann by prechu

Precis was really a cute character to play with and I love that her cosplay is complete with Bobot. Nicely done!

"A young girl who loves sweets and inventions. Cheerful, energetic, and full of curiosity, she spends her days engrossed in inventions with her father, with Robbie #1 and Robbie #2 by her side. When Robbie went out of control, she came across Claude and the others who had arrived at Linga, and decided to join them on their journey." —STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution Official Website.

Star Ocean 2: Claude C. Kenny by morinaga kinoko

Wow this looks like after Claude and Rena crash landed. Absolutely fantastic!

"There's nothing special about being courageous in times of need." —Claude C. Kenny Claude has the tendency to be brash, impetuous, and usually a little late, but altruistic. Claude's good looks and noble nature tend to draw the interest of his female party members, especially Rena; he is seen to be easily jealous, especially of Dias Flac .

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