Need a pick me up? These lovely FlyFF cosplays may just brighten up your day!

Fly For Fun features cute 3D characters in fancy, colourful clothes, that is why FlyFF cosplays are sweet and innocent-looking compared to the more daring outfits of other games. Here are our picks!

Magician by Zel0s

Zel0s from Germany does a charming pose in her lavender Magician costume. What a cutie!

Ringmaster Couple

Francesca Aliberti (MisaCosplay) and Guglielmo Zamparelli (ShoCosplay) from Italy dress up as a fancy Ringmaster couple. Need some heal and buffs?


German cosplayer Anshie shows off her dreamy side in this fascinating Assist cosplay.

Knight and Mercenary

Here's a little Knight x Mercenary romance from Italian cosplayer Sonia, a.k.a. TheBurningWitch, and her boyfriend.


This is a vibrant take on the mighty Billposter class by cosplayer Ronn from the Philippines, photographed by Gm Vivas (boylabo33).

Anguished Soul Mara

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The Eternal Otome. An impassioned dreamer who enjoys listening (and singing) to Fallout music while shooting arrows with Vilkas.

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