One of the most common misconceptions about gamers is that we're too addicted to games to ever exercise or care for our health. Thankfully, Japanese games aim to break this "unhealthy gamer" stereotype by releasing apps that promote a healthy lifestyle, mixed with romance elements.

A while back, we wrote about an otome game in which the main goal is to reduce the female protagonist's weight to a little over 100 pounds.

Now, this otome app will literally help you burn calories through exercise!

The Game

Creative Freaks, Inc., a Japanese game developer, first released a male-oriented dating-slash-fitness app called "Nenshou!" back in 2011, which has garnered over 100,000 downloads from men who aim to lose weight. The said mobile application, which features moe (innocent and lovable) girls that'll tell you to stop being a couch potato, cost 200 yen (about 2 dollars) per download.

In the same year, they made a free otome version called "Nenshou! for Girls" which has been downloaded 400,000 times according to a blog post written in 2014. (Just imagine how many people have downloaded it as of late!)

In early 2015, the company released its English version called "Burn Your Fat With Me" and women all over the world have mixed reactions about it.


Aside from it being fully voiced in both English and Japanese, as well as its (obvious) romance virtual novel gameplay, its main feature is its workout tool. 

[T]he player advances the story by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.

Arm and leg shape-up exercises are planned to be added in future updates.

The Story

The player enrolls in a prestigious art school, a gateway to success, the Ootori Art Institute, where a handsome classmate, senior, or a teacher insults and cheers you on, aiming to reduce the plumpness of your figure.

The more weight you lose the more keen your crush becomes on you.


Though some women enjoy how convenient and motivational this otome app is, others can't help but feel enraged by hurtful insults thrown by its male characters.

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