Caligula Game Overview:

Platform: PlayStation Vita
Genre: RPG
Publisher: FuRyu
Developer: Aquria
Release Date: June 23, 2016 (Japan)
Official Website:

About Caligula:

Caligula is an upcoming Japanese RPG by Aquria. It will be an exclusive title for PlayStation Vita. Currently, it will only be released in Japan and there is no news of localization to the west. 

The protagonists of Caligula are stuck in the Virtual Reality of "Mobius". In this world, all people who either voluntarily or involuntary enter Mobius will forget everything from the real world. They have to spend the eternity in high school. However, the protagonists realize the cycle and created the "Going Home club" to return to the real world.

Caligula Trailer:

More Information:

Caligula is being directed by Takuya Yamanaka. The plot is being written by Tadashi Satomi, the writer of the first two Persona games and other known JRPGs. Hence, the plot may have quite the same vibe as the Persona games, but the gameplay would be much different.

It takes the modernized path of JRPGs. The battle sequence of Caligula starts when you come across an enemy in a dungeon. It will trigger a fluid transition from exploring the world to a battle once you get close to it. It has a turn-based gameplay but more fast-paced since you will be commanding your characters what to do. They will attack simultaneously after you complete giving the instructions, and it looks good.



Will you play this game?

If you are a huge fan of Persona series, then you might like this game. This is a good title for a handheld system such as PlayStation Vita, and the gameplay looks good. I am a fan of anime character design in games, and might get this game if I ever get a PS Vita in the future. Also, it was announced last February 23, 2016, and stated that the game was 50% finished. 4 months had passed since then, it feels rushed if they want to release it this month, though.

Are you planning to get this game too? 

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