Everyone is wondering how your saves will be used in God Eater: Resurrection and Rage Burst. Will you be able to transfer data from the prequel into the sequel, like so many games do? Being able to upload your previous character increases the replay value for many players, especially in RPG genres. But will it be useful to do so? Read on, and I'll answer this question and more!

Resurrection To Rage Burst

As of this moment, the word on the 'net is "no, you cannot import save files". Official websites have mentioned this may change over time, but currently don't have any information as to whether or not this is certain. Listed below are some examples of why it would be difficult (if not improbable) to make the transfer:

New Game Features on God Eater 2 Rage Burst:

While GE: Resurrection is a reboot of the same story, it has completely new features that don't mesh with those of Rage Burst.

For example, weapons exclusive to the Resurrection game wouldn't be implemented into Burst. Character cosmetics would also be difficult to transfer, as Resurrection has more in common with God Eater Burst versus Rage Burst in the way of hairstyles and accessories used to accent your character. They simply wouldn't exist in Rage Burst

Can't Import Levels

This usually goes without saying, but even if you could import weaponry into Rage Burst, it would be experience-locked. Unfortunately for all those players who racked 100+ hours into the game, importing your information would only result in half-baked characters whose only resemblance would be the character's name.

Japan Release/North American Release

The Japanese release didn't feature a save import function, but North America holds out hope that a miracle might be in store. Below are the release dates, which correlate to Resurrection being released later than Rage Burst - a fact that will make it hard to reverse-engineer a save file import functionality. 

2/10/10: God Eater (PSP)
10/28/10: God Eater Burst (PSP)
11/14/13: God Eater 2 (PSP/Vita)
2/19/15: God Eater 2: Rage Burst (Vita/PS4)
10/29/15: God Eater: Resurrection (Vita/PS4)

Is It Worth It?

Don't cry - Crazier things in games have happened, so maybe this data transfer might still be on the horizon. As to whether or not it will be worth the effort is another question. To recap, I've lightly touched on weaponry being obsolete and the appearance of your character not even remotely matching the one you had before. So why bother uploading saved information? You can't import money, or experience, and level grinding isn't particularly challenging. Plus, the series lacks the dynamic alternative storyline capabilities of most RPG titles (Skyrim, Dragon Age, Fable, etc.), or the ability to choose your morality and path your character takes. 

In my personal opinion, this option would go unused by most and overlooked as a useful asset to the game. For me, the fun of playing a game is starting out weak and building your way up to greatness, and in some cases, uploading a previous save file with overpowered weaponry would dilute the feeling you get of picking up new weapons or gear. Now, if they made it so previous game saves could be used after you beat the game? That might be worth having.

Last Thoughts

I have faith the developers will give this matter a good, hard look. Especially after the many questions regarding imported save files across the internet. In the end, they may choose to try the system in North America's release in August. Whatever they decide, it won't detract from the game or it's appeal to me, and certainly isn't a deal-breaker when considering whether or not to purchase. 

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