Rage Quitters Beware! Capcom Is Coming For You!

There's just too many rage quitters these days and Capcom wants this to stop.

After all, nothing's much worse than playing a match online and right before you win the other player quits - allowing him or her to save their winning streak and League Points. You, on the other hand, are robbed of everything.

Thankfully, Capcom has heard your cries and has promised to take action!

Mercifully, Capcom has announced that it's taking measures to resolve the problem, although it doesn't "have an exact date to share with you at the moment". It says some sort of direct action will begin this week, with the punishment for worst offenders "severe".

Maybe the punishment will banning rage quitters from playing online for a few hours or something like that.

As to when that might be, the company isn't sure yet. However, they are certain to develop a new system that will punish those who leave a match early to save face.

This is really great news for gamers that want to enjoy a game and not have to worry about their opponents quitting. That attitude should not be tolerated and I hope Capcom will be able to deliver to their promise soon. 

Until next time!

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