Shadowverse is great turn-based card game. Inspired by cool anime art and awesome graphics, it will take your card game experience to a whole new level. If you didn't already know, it was originally a Japanese game. Because of its popularity and the confidence of the developers, an English version was made, intended to be played globally. Now, there could be a different version available depending on your region or language but for now, I'll just call it English version. 

Because the English version is intended to be market globally, they made some changes like the censorship in the art and context of some of its cards and characters. This change has already taken effect in all regions except for the original Japanese version. Although, some might argue that this doesn't help improve the game at all, and some even disliked the change because they feel that it took away the original artistic vision of the game. The Shadowverse team went ahead and still censored the game anyway.

To be fair, I think they made these changes to avoid offending any gender, religion, or beliefs considering the global community's varying culture.

In this article, we're gonna take a break from strategies, decks, and mind-boggling tactics. Just for fun, let's take a look at Shadowverse Censorship on the English version.

Shadowverse Censorship:

They changed Isabelle's outfit into something less revealing. Well, I guess some people might find this provocative and even downright offensive. I personally don't mind (Runecraft is still awesome), but I think that the Shadowverse's team just wanted to avoid any future complaints and there is nothing wrong with it.

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They changed Satan to Prince of Darkness and Satan's Servant to Servant of Darkness. Alright, this one is pretty sensitive as it has something to do with religious views. For the same reason as Isabelle's outfit, we can't really blame the Shadowverse team for this but I wonder why they left the Lucifer card the same? Why not change it into something like "Fallen Angel" maybe?

Some flavor text and story translation has been changed.

I gotta be honest regarding the flavor text, I haven't been keen with the card descriptions (except for the actual card effect which is not considered flavor text) since I played this game but who does? Okay, maybe someone does but I think those changes were made just to keep consistency of the game's background. As mentioned earlier, the Shadowverse team is aiming for a global audience. It's only natural to keep everything in check and consistent since you'll eventually have global criticism as well. 

In terms of the story translation, this might be bad news for those who eagerly follow the story line. Essentially, some of the dialogues were missing or were changed into a completely different thing. You might not even notice this if you haven't played the original JP version or understand Japanese though. 

The reason for this is basically the same thing with Isabelle's outfit; they just don't want to step on some toes and would rather avoid complaints if they can help it. But hey, story aside, it is still a fun game, don't you think?

In Closing:

The censorship in Shadowverse is pretty minor and doesn't really affect the game much in terms of game play. This move from the Shadowverse team just shows they care about the future of the game and can be taken as a good sign. Of course, everyone has different take on this but sadly, it's really not up to us.

Did we miss any more difference from the original Shadowverse JP version? Let us know in comments.

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