The hype is real! Clash Royalepedia will finally be hosting its first ever event this coming July 29.

Clash Royalepedia, an independent Clash Royale fansite (and sister site of RockU Mediacraft) that shares strategies, news, tips and tricks about Supercell’s Clash Royale recently announced their first Open Tournament. A select number of people who will win the open tourney will advance to the official tournament. Here are the rules and regulations:

How to Join:

Participants must understand/speak English. It is said that this will be the only language that the staff/organizers will be using.

A PayPal account is REQUIRED. For those aspiring players, make sure to have this particular account to join. This is the only way to send out their prizes. Gft cards are a no-no for it cannot be used overseas due to some region concerns. 

Participants must upload their Clash Royale Profile using RockU Talk. Participants should register at RockU Talk a messaging / gaming app for the iPhone, Android, and Web. All details come tournament time, like passwords and such will be detailed there.

RockU Talk

Rules, Regulations, Setup

The rooms will contain corresponding passwords. This is to ensure that only official participants will be able to join. Passwords will then be posted an hour before the event starts on the 29th. Clash Royalepedia disclosed that the Unregistered Players who participated in their Open Tournaments will not be eligible in the Finals. This means even if you won in their quarter finals but is not registered via RockU Talk forums, which is the Open Tournament rounds, you are still disqualified in the next round.

The Finals is their Mini Tournament to be held next month with Gem Prizes for winners and even spectators! For this event, you can refer to the link below.

Clash Royalepedia will be accepting participants around 100 to 200. The staff will be in-charge to create this 1-day tournament in each room. If only two rooms were created, Four winners will be chosen in each. These winners will then move to the Invitationals, Clash Royalepedia’s mini tournament. Rooms will be filled with 50 persons max.

To check the full details of the tournament, click the link below:

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The winner can win up to 6,500 Gems in this upcoming tournament! Check the details here!


This is an exciting event that we can look forward to aside from the weekly Super Magical Cup! Are you ready for this challenge? Invite your friends to join!

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