Square Enix recently announced an amazing mobile sale for its classic Final Fantasy JRPGs. We all know how these mobile ports of our favorite games are quite expensive without the discount. However, with this huge holiday sale, right now is the best time to buy these games.

We checked the best deals so you guys can have an idea which Final Fantasy game you should get this holiday season.

1) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions ($6.99)

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions is probably one of the best Strategy JRPGs of all time. Its in-depth Job and Skill Systems are both really amazing and fun to tinker with. The story is really long and it really dives deep into political matters and betrayal.

If you are into Strategy and Tactical RPG, this classic Final Fantasy game is a must get for you since it is just around $7 for Android and iOS.

2) Final Fantasy III ($6.99)

Final Fantasy III on mobile is a port from the Nintendo DS remake with improved user-interface to accommodate mobile gamers properly. This was also the game where the job system was first introduced alongside the summoning of espers like Shiva and Bahamut. 

This is one of the most innovative Final Fantasy in the series and it has a great value right now.

3) Final Fantasy IV ($6.99)

Final Fantasy IV on mobile is the same as Final Fantasy III and others that have been ported from the Nintendo DS remake version. This game is the first in the series to have a deep narrative and storyline that focuses on themes like betrayal and sacrifices. It also had its own innovations such as Active Time Battle, which later became a staple in the series. This game also introduced the Augment System, which lets the characters' abilities to be transferred to another character. It is a unique system that gives players variety of ways to deal with battles.

4) Final Fantasy IV: The After Years ($7.99)

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is set almost 2 decades after Final Fantasy IV. The main difference of this game to others is that Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has an episodic storyline. Basically, it shows a different stories for each episode. Gameplay-wise, everything is almost the same, but there are new features like the Band System where certain abilities can only be activated when certain characters are together in a party.

If you are going to buy Final Fantasy IV, definitely get this game too. 

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