Games, just like any other commodity, always have to keep up with economic and societal trends and lifestyles. As many of us are fully aware of, people have tighter schedules now than a few decades ago. Prices and standards of living have risen, that is why everyone feels that it's necessary to spend more time studying and/or working to meet the society's expectations, as well as our personal wants and needs.

With people getting busier, they have less time to sit down on a couch, relax, have some beer and pizza, and play with their favourites on consoles at home. Instead, they bring out their phones on their way to school or work and indulge in mobile games to pass time. But aside from smartphones, there is another mobile device that has been gaining popularity these days.

The Apple Watch

Our dreams of owning a Pip-Boy from the Fallout video game series have (partly) become a reality in the form of the Apple Watch. If you've been living in a cave this past year, it's basically a tiny smartphone that you strap on your wrist for people on the go who are either too lazy or too busy to hold a phone. In addition to telling time, it can measure the wearer's heartbeat, serve as a walkie-talkie, and do basic smartphone functions such as downloading apps.

Gaming in Style

Although it's just been a year since its release, a wide variety of games are already available for the Apple Watch. Puzzlers such as Best Fiends, sports games like Watch This Homerun, even trivia and text-based games can be installed into your stylish, $700 high-tech wristwatch. What's more, our childhood favourite Tamagotchi has also found its way to the Apple Watch.

Gaming won't ever be complete without the RPG genre. Actually, there's already one! It's called "Runeblade", and it's your typical medieval-fantasy RPG with flashy swords and magic spells. However, its graphics may be too simple and cartoony for fans of astonishing 3D visuals.

Fortunately, the masters of awe-inspiring graphics at Square Enix have decided to develop an RPG for the Apple Watch.

Cosmos Rings

Cosmos Rings is a spin-off of Chaos Rings, a smartphone-exclusive RPG series by the same company. The upcoming game was announced a month after they ended the distribution of almost all Chaos Rings titles, except for its third instalment.

Apparently, time plays an important role in this game. Cosmos Rings will make use of the Apple Watch's digital crown design feature that is often used as a Home button, as well as to switch apps and zooming in and out, to activate "time regression". Furthermore, the device's pedometer will also be connected to the game. Also, it seems that different "messages" will be received as the user walks throughout the day.

Cosmos Rings takes you to a world where human emotions are tied to the movement of time. Your main goal is to make time flow again and bring back the Goddess of Time.

Will you play this game?

There really isn't much information on Cosmos Rings at the moment, except from its planned global release date which is Summer 2016. With Takehiro Ando, who previously worked on Chaos Rings and several Final Fantasy titles, and Yusuke Naora, a veteran Square Enix art illustrator, serving as the moving forces behind the game, we can expect much from it, don't you think?

Have you tried playing games using the Apple Watch? What are your thoughts on RPGs made exclusively for this platform?

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