Sailor Warriors By Chili Ferrets

Okay! Sailor Moon and Samurai Warriors fans, Chili Ferrets brought you the best of both worlds with our favorite pretty guardians redesigned as samurai warriors.

While they won't be in the upcoming Samurai Warriors game, they do have killer designs that are sure to inspire the cosplayer in you!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

Sailor Jupiter

Be sure to check out their page and Etsy account for more anime goodies.

New Samurai Warriors 4: Empires

While Empires doesn't offer any Sailor Moon characters, it does offer you the ability to build and conquer all of feudal Japan - from building your own castle to crossing blades with other officers, generals and feudal lords. By the way, their unique costumes can also spark a lot of cosplay creativity and challenges.

If you have been skipping out on Samurai Warriors, Empires might change your mind as it brings a lot more to the table. It also has everything you want from a Dynasty Warriors game with everything you loved about the 1st Samurai warriors game.

Empires does introduce two new modes that really sets it apart from previous games: Conquest Mode and Genesis Mode.

Conquest mode has number of scenarios set across different years, and different clans, characters and officers are made available to you. In this mode you select a clan, fulfil your ambition and - hopefully - unite the country. However, depending on the clan chosen and its ambition, once you've completed your mission (of which there are a few: reaching the capital, uniting a region or the whole country) you will be given the option to either save and play a different scenario, or carry on with the clan chosen and unite the land under one banner. A cool feature that Conquest mode offers is all the scenarios take place in different years, so specific officers won't be available in certain scenarios as they're either dead, not old enough to fight, or not even born yet. It's a nice feature and it shows that developer Omega Force cares about its source material, the Sengoku (or "Warring States") period of Japanese history.

Genesis mode plays similarly to Conquest mode, only this time around you get decide on the scenario, what clan you want to play as, and your overall ambition (or you can create your own scenario). When making your own you choose what region you start in, as well as the officers that make up your kingdom. You can also edit individual clans and place them anywhere on the map, effectively setting up your scenario as you see fit, thus allowing for variety and a plentiful number of play-throughs

For a closer look at the new modes and graphics be sure to check this out!

Out now!

You can get your hands on this game today for the PS3, PS4 and PSV!  This game just came out yesterday some reviews are in.

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