Tekken 7 Cosplay Nina Williams

Nina's new outfit is not only made to deliver her high kicks but also to make you think long and hard before walking down the else.

With some pretty wild new costumes that may scare of a newbie cosplayer, these Tekken cosplay pros have not only stepped up the challenge but have delivered some truly noteworthy and amazing cosplays that we tracked down for our Tekken Community.

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The Fatal Bride

Tekken 7 - Nina Williams "The Fatal Bride" Trailer

Isn't she lovely? Yes, she is and very deadly too! I could see a lot of fans wanting to make wedding plans with the Fatal Bride.

What a lovely bride!

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest moment for a lot of women. However, things like weddings don't always go too well. Epic cosplay though!

I think Nina would give Kill Bill's Black Mamba a run for her money.

Thankfully we all haven't had that experience, but we can all agree this is sexy!

Milena Vigo, thank you for doing such a wonderful cosplay, we love it and hope to see a lot more of your Tekken cosplays!

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Until next time. "Bang, Bang that awful sound."-My Baby Shot Me Down

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