Randis Albion Shares 5 Industry Tips for Beginners

Photography can be a lot of fun to get into, but sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming for those starting out to shoot fashion or cosplay. But before we jump into the super awesome interview with Randis Albion, lets take a closer look at his very impressive career! 

First Randis is not only a top fashion photographer but has also made outstanding contributions to the gaming industry. His background in traditional art can be seen in his images as he captures both fashion and fantasy with his trademark flare.

Simply breathtaking Radis's style stands out not for of his reseeding use of colours but also for his vibrant ideas and video game feel. From directing game art to turing out eye popping shots his style is one of a kind.

About Randis

Randis was born in Russia in 1978 and grew up in Germany, when he turned 14 he had his first solo art exhibition and with 15 he started doing illustration work for smaller book publishers. At the age of 21 Randis started working as a Lead Designer for Massive Development, then took on the role of the Art director. After working on several AAA titles at Massive Randis became a freelancer and since then worked on various IPs for a very wide range of international clients, such as Disney, Wizards of the Coast - Magic the gathering, Riot Games - League of Legends, Human Head - Rune II, Defiance, Turtles, Star Wars, Codemasters and many others.

Randis both worked on and produced a number of Music Videos for Television and shootings, doing work for GMM Grammy and Independent artists such as Silly Fools, Dome - No Logo, Chin, Airborn. One of his videos productions won the Seed awards in 2012. He is currently working on a RPG title for Playstation 4, Playstartion 3, Vita, PC, mac and various other platforms for international release on top of his photography.

For more about Radis and his amazing art.

5 Tips From Randis For New Photographers

Today cosplay photography has to be top notice and able to compete with shots done by the best fashion photographers around the world, so who else would be better to interview that Randis, with years of experience in the video game industry ranging for artist to art director and creative visionary toppled with his impressive career as a highly sought after fashion photographer. 

Color, composition, lighting and beautiful model? Check, check and check!

Fenix: First what is your tip for getting started? What should beginners focus on?


Radis: To start they should photograph themselves and study poses and directing, it's important to be able to direct a model as especially young models are not experienced.


Fenix: Great tip!


Radis: Yup


Fenix: When it comes to learning the skills on the trade what site or source do you recommend?


Radis: Nothing specific, I recommend picking up some classic books on color on composition, does not have to be specifically about photography.


Fenix: Okay sounds pretty do-able!

Do you have any tips for selecting a camera for those we are just getting started?


Radis: They should start doing black white photography in order to learn contrast, balance and values

Lots of people go and spend a fortune on a camera, what they fail to understand is that the artist makes the art, not his pencil.

Just pick a brand, buy a lower cost DSRL (and practice, spend money on a good lens, the lenses are important, bodies you can upgrade later


Start working with natural light first, buy a cheap reflector and shoot outside


Fenix: Wow that's very true the artist does make the art. All of those are great points! From what I understand you taught yourself, am I correct?


Radis: Yes, I have an art background however, I was doing painting and drawing so I was already experienced in composition, color theory and all that, learning photography was a matter of days, you just need to learn all the manual settings on your cam and understand what they are for. Good photography is all about the idea, vision, good set, direction and lighting. Then you just point and shoot and go home.

The camera is just a tool. Pining the camera and pressing a button is not the hard part, everyone can do that. Understanding all the process of building the scene, conveying a message, lighting, composition and clean execution, this is the more difficult part.


Fenix: Once again all excellent points and tips to consider, I love that you are very straight forward,

For our last part what tips can give for those who would like to become models?


Radis: Go out and buy a whole bunch of magazines and study poses, get a large mirror and practice. Also practice with a camera with a trigger or Webcam and pay special attention on hand poses. Most young models don't know what to do with their hands.


Also don't starve yourself, go to gym instead.


And be nice to people, no one likes to work with spoiled little princesses, make friends with MUA (Make up-Artist), stylists and try to do TFP (Time For Print: This means the model and photographer don’t charge each other.) shootings with decent Photographers to gain some experience and build your portfolio. 


Fenix: Thank you so much for this awesome interview! To see more of Radis’ art please follow him on tumblr, and be sure to check out his full portfolio here! Www.hd-fortress.com

Bonus! Check out his gear!

That's some super impressive gear, but remember the camera is just a tool! When you are getting started focus building up your skills and having fun and in no time you'll be taking impressive shots at your next cosplay event or fashion shoot.

Hopefully these tips will help you with your cosplay photography, be sure to like and share this post! Until next time keep working on your skills and you'll get there!

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