Link is one of gaming’s most iconic characters, with his green elf outfit and the master-sword. Zelda, being Link’s princess is a beautiful and elegant figure.

These two Nintendo characters are recognized as one of the best and most adorable pairs in gaming. For couples who are into gaming and cosplaying, Zelda and Link are definitely one of the best choices to dress up as and go to conventions together!

Let’s take a look at our top picks for best Zelda and Link cosplays!

Extreme Quality

LazyeMichelle created one of the best Zelda and Link cosplays we have ever seen! Using the character designs from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the pair displays high-quality outfits and accessories with a ton of attention on each piece of the costume. 

Is this REAL?

The Princess Zelda and Link in Magic Armour cosplays here are nothing short of amazing! The details, the scale of each gear, the pose, the hair, everything here is art to the point that I almost thought these were made with CG. IMPRESSIVE!

She(ik) is here with you

With the pair sitting under the tree and their backs against each other, this photo captures a moment of tranquility - something that's not really synonymous to the universe where they live.

Awwww So Sweet~

Zelda and Link are always a subject of romantic art and cosplay. These are captured by Michelle Layze (again) and her Boyfriend, Jean. 


Stefanie Burt has the cutest Zelda & Link cosplay ever with two little kids as the models. The innocence shown by the two are exactly what we picture Link and Zelda to be in the games. No need for violence or sorrow, just pure adorableness!

Darkness approaches...