Since when did nostalgia look this good? Ragnarok Online has been connecting gamers worldwide for almost 14 years--and it's still going strong! With over 16 episodes, this MMORPG has proven that some games are just like wine, they keep getting better with time.

Now, many of those who have spent some time wandering around Rune-Midgard may have chosen to leave and venture into another land instead, but it's not bad to reminisce every once in a while, right?

Here are some awesome Ragnarok cosplays that will take you down memory lane.

Stalker by KANA

A girl gamer herself, KANA from Germany captures the very essence of stalkers in the game: stealth and sexiness.

Succubus by Feytaline

This take on possibly the sexiest monster in the game by Feytaline from the US is just so spot-on! Look at those horns!

Ninja by Yokyun

Japanese cosplayer Yokyun presents the sweeter side to the agile Ninja.

Sniper by Kuramachan

Kuramachan from the US shoots an arrow straight to your heart!

Isis by Kazuko

Wow! This is the first time I've ever seen an Isis cosplay! The versatile Kazuko from Malaysia gives life to that sexy slithering monster in Morroc.

Archbishop x Shura by Calssara and Elffi

Here's a cute couple cosplay by Calssara (Germany) and Elffi (Finland).

Royal Guard by Atashi

The lovely Atashi from Germany rocks that badass armor!


Clang, Clang, Success! You don't need Luck when you've got this Whitesmith wielding a massive, sharp weapon.

Banshee by Astellecia

I wouldn't be scared going to the Cursed Abyss if all Banshees were as splendid as this!

Rogue by Antonio Lima

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