After 2 long years of anticipation, Dawn of Titans has reached its global release on mobile devices. Developed by NaturalMotion, Dawn of Titans is a war strategy game. Players take charge of a city and its armies. Conquering foreign lands, and defending your own are the main objectives. As its namesake implies, obtaining "Titans" is key to a player's success, as these colossal warriors can decidedly turn the tide of a battle. At first glance, there's a lot to know about Dawn of Titans. But, after learning the ropes and understanding what you need to succeed, there's a lot of fun to be had. Dawn of Titans has a great tutorial, but there are a few tips and strategies it leaves out. To help you get there faster, this is MediaCraft's beginners guide to Dawn of Titans:

Gold and Resources


As a beginner in Dawn of Titans, the most important thing to consider is gold. Gold is necessary for nearly every action in the game, and its management is crucial for your success on the battlefield. Maximising your gold income should be your first priority. Building and upgrading mines should always be performed when possible. Every time you have the chance to build another gold mine, do it; and upgrade it as efficiently as possible. By upgrading other buildings first, you will have to wait much longer for resources until you can build or upgrade again.


Dawn of Titans is free to play, but if you want to keep it that way, you'll have to spend (and save!) your gems wisely. Gems are an important resource. They're more valuable than gold, as they can speed up waiting times, and can be used to purchase rare titans and relics. Being patient and saving your gems will pay off, as rarer titans can dramatically alter your chances of success or failure in battle. Logging in everyday will score you a daily bonus in your city's Alter of Wealth. Daily bonuses can reward you with titans and relics!


While much of Dawn of Titans will see you controlling regular troops; using Titans to your advantage will make the game a lot easier. Titans are ranked on a rarity scale of 1-4. You want to maximise your chances of obtaining a super rare (or rarity level 4) Titan. Purchasing a "Guaranteed Titan Card" from your Titan Temple early in the game will pay off greatly in the long-run. A "Guaranteed Titan Card" costs 4000 gems, so get saving!

Relics can also be equipped to power up your Titans. Equipping a relic will modify attributes like health, damage, and armour. Levelling up your Titan will allow them to equip more relics.


Types of Troops

Troops can be divided into three categories: Spearmen, Militia, and Archers. These three categories form a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" relationship, in which Spearmen are strong against Militia, Militia can overpower Archers, and Archers are most effective against Spearmen. Knowing this, a player can plan their attacks to capitalize on the troops they have in play.

Controlling Your Units

Dawn of Titans has two control options: Basic and Advanced. Using basic controls, a player will simply tap their units, then tap an enemy unit, and their selected troops will travel the shortest path to their target. Under advanced controls, a player can draw the path they want their troops to take. This is important, as it enables the player to flank enemy troops. Troops attacked from behind will be dealt 10x more damage. You can access advanced controls by tapping your unit, and dragging along the desired path towards a target.

If you have a Titan who can absorb a lot of damage, a common strategy is to send them in, and order your other troops to flank the opposing army. However, you'll have to be careful that your Titan isn't overwhelmed, or you could lose a valuable asset.

Choosing When to Attack

Often, knowing when to attack will sort out good players from bad. Healing your units takes time, and waiting until your troops are fully healed is a much better strategy than marching into battle ill prepared.

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