The now popular game Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), as other games, had its own humble roots. As it started as a mod for the then popular game Warcraft III in 2003 named Defense of the Ancients. Since then, the game has had significant additions and changes into it as it marched from version 0.95 to the recent version 6.88.

Now, with the dawn of the new version of DOTA 2, version 7.0, it has brought a multitude of major gameplay changes along with it. Changes such as:

- A new hero named Monkey King

- A newly revised map

- A new and more streamlined user interface

- New skill augmentations through the Aghanim's Scepter

- New mechanics such as the Talent Tree and Sanctuaries

- and many tweaks with regards to the XP and Gold gain.


These changes to the game met both excitement and critique from the community. Most of them have expressed delight as a new version number marks a new dawn for the game. However, some are more critical of the effects that the changes might bring to the game that they love.

Here are some of the comments from a topic titled "The "Big Picture" of 7.0 is the game is EASIER to balance" in /r/DOTA2.

The Competitive Scene

As such, the transition left the community both awestruck and skeptical of the changes that it brought. But that hasn't stopped the competitive scene of DOTA 2 to march on with its slew of tournaments. With that, the World Cyber Arena held in Yinchuan, China was positioned perfectly on the day that Patch 7.0 rolled out. It has become a proving ground to the invited onto how they would adapt to the changes the new patch brought.

It is by no surprise that a majority of the teams competing in the said tournament struggled with the changes of Patch 7.0. With no time to prepare for it. They all faced the unrelenting pressure of understanding all the added and updated mechanics and to relay it in a competitive level. Needless to say, they bode well by playing safe and not using the changes that the new update brought often, only relying on it when need be.

But that didn't mean that the players didn't face any difficulties at all. During the semifinals held last December 15. Vici Gaming and its opponent Prodota Gaming had their game crash due to a bug with the illusion mechanic triggered by one of the players. Cutting the match and ending in a default win to Vici Gaming due to them having more kills than Prodota Gaming at the time of the crash. Propelling Vici Gaming to the Grand Finals.

In Conclusion

The new 7.0 Patch provided a major change on how DOTA 2 plays. As such, it will affect the way the professional DOTA 2 players will perform on the tournament stage. This showed with the instability of the games that has manifested itself during the World Cyber Arena. Instabilities include crashes and unseen game breaking bugs that tested the mettle of the professional players, which are all coming in blind into the new patch. This is something that the community hopes to change in the Kiev Major coming in April 2017.

With that in mind, from its humble roots in 2003 as a mod in Warcraft III to its own standalone game DOTA 2, the game has since come a long way. As the new patch 7.0 closes in, bringing fundamental changes to the core game experience, this new version is a beginning of a new era for this fabled competitive game and its eSports scene.

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