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You take on the role of a mighty Warlord and battle for glory, power, and cards in a world of dragons, spells and cataclysms. Built from the ground up for mobile, it brings back the magic and depth of classic CCGs. Whether you are a seasoned card games player or a newcomer, Drakenlords has plenty of adventures for you.


Similar to Hearthstone, DrakenLords is a collectible card game that you can play online against other players. It is developed by Everguild Ltd. and is expected to be launched this November 2016.


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You're a mighty Warlord who's on a quest for power and glory. Your strategies and cards will determine the outcome of the battle. Experiment on your deck and learn your opponents strengths and weaknesses.

A simple game with great details. DrakenLords is a game that you can play wherever and whenever you want. You can even edit your deck and play against AI while offline. The unique warlords are good to collect too as each of them has different powerful abilities.

A bit similar to other card games out there but this one is sure worth a try.

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