From November 25 - December 8, 2016, drop rates for a couple of Final Fantasy V characters - Exdeath, Bartz, Faris, and Gilgamesh will increase. This is a perfect time for everyone to try out Bartz and Exdeath - if you have them already - and check their 6-star abilities. We already covered both characters in a previous article. For now, let's take a moment to learn more about Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Gilgamesh and Faris. Let's see if they can be formidable units you can add to your team. 

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a mobile RPG from Square Enix, Gumi, and Alim. It features turn-based battles similar to Brave Frontier and has that familiar-yet-original Final Fantasy story. What's better - characters from classic Final Fantasy characters can be summoned as well.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Gilgamesh and Faris Guide:

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FF Brave Exvius Gilgamesh:

2016 11 25 01 05 12 gilgamesh ffbe

FFBE Gilgamesh Stats:

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2016 11 25 00 54 36 ffbe gilgamesh stats

Gilgamesh Magic:

Shell - Increase SPR for 3 turns to one ally (learned at 5* Level 16. MP Cost 4)
Protect - Increase DEF for 3 turns to one ally (Learned at 5* Level 18. MP Cost 4)

Gilgamesh Limit Burst: 5* - Transform - Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for 4 turns to caster (Base - 40% / Max 59%)
6* - Transform - Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for 5 turns to caster (Base - 50% / Max 74%)

Trust Master Reward:
Genji Glove - ATK/MAG Increase by 10%, allows Dualwield.
FFBE Gilgamesh Awakening Materials:

Calamity Gem (20)
Calamity Write (10)
Prismatic Horn (10)
Rainbow Bloom (5)
Divine Crystal (5)

Even at 5*, Gilgamesh will be entirely useful with Dancehall Daze (inflicts sleep) and Divider, which ignores defense for a full front attack.

What's nice for Gilgamesh at 6* is that with "Weapon Collector", almost anything you equip to him will give some form of a bonus. Lastly, the Auto Refresh. 5% MP refill might not be much if you are a mage, but Gilgamesh is a warrior. He will need this MP refill for important attacks, such as Divider and Tri Attack.

FF Brave Exvius Faris:

2016 11 25 01 11 52 ffbe faris

FFBE Faris Stats:

2016 11 25 01 14 17 ffbe faris stats

2016 11 25 01 16 09 ffbe faris abilities

Faris Magic:
Fire - 1.2x Fire Magic Damage to one enemy (learned at 3* Level 1. MP Cost 3)
Fira - 1.4x Fire Magic Damage to all enemies (Learned at 3* Level 40. MP Cost 9)
Firaga - 1.8x Fire Magic Damage to all enemies (Learned at 4* Level 60. MP Cost 20)

Faris Limit Burst:
3* - Thunderstorm - Wind physical damage (up to 2.55x) and paralyze (up to 29%) to all enemies
4* - Thunderstorm - Wind physical damage (up to 3x) and paralyze (up to 44%) to all enemies
5* - Thunderstorm - Wind physical damage (up to 3.45x) and paralyze (up to 59%) to all enemies

Trust Master Reward:Syldra's Protection - Boost physical damage to aquatic and dragon monsters

FFBE Gilgamesh Awakening Materials (5*):
Seed of Life (20)
Deepsea Bloom (10)
Sacred Crystal (10)
Spiritsand (5)
Holy Crystal (5)

For a 5* Unit, we think Faris is a good support unit to whatever kind of team you are using. Key abilities include EVO MAG (Increased Esper Summon Damage), Focus (Increased MAG/SPR to all allies), and Bladeblitz. There won't be any fancy animation with Faris, except if you count the Firaga animation. Lastly, use PROVOKE sparingly. Faris doesn't have that much of a health.

FFBE Bartz and Exdeath:

In the link above, we discussed Bartz and Exdeath in full detail.

With that, our verdict is ---- SKIP this banner! Exdeath has been around for so long and many of you probably have him. Gilgamesh will be a nice addition to your team, so is Bartz. But still, we need to factor the drop rate. With Faris in the mix and Exdeath (which you probably have or don't have), our best advice is to skip this banner and wait for the next. Of course, if you like Gilgamesh so much, then, by all means please go.

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