Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has had a very busy month in both the Global and Japanese versions. For players of the Japanese version, they have been grinding none stop to get enough awakening materials to be able to get a 6-Star Kefka.

Once you do you awaken Kefka to 6-Stars, you will finally be able to unleash his incredibly destructive madness upon all your enemies and revel in their defeat. 

Seriously, I need more that two weeks to have enough time to invest into FFBE, but when this event comes to the Global version, you can rest assure I'll take a paid vacation. 

FFBE Kefka 6-Star Stats:

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Wow! Talk about a major power up! MAG 210 and SPR 242! Thank you FFBE!

His new Limit Burst is the ultimate nuke to wipe out your enemies with. Although, since he's getting super charged, I can't help but wonder what Trial Bosses they are preparing for us that will be able to give Kefka teamed up with Lighting a run for their money in the Japanese version, let alone Global. 

In the Japanese version of FFBE, Kekfa had to fight his way into the number 5 spot for Magical Attackers. But in the Global version, he blew away the competition and is currently number 1. Which should sit very well his power hungry ego now since he is one of the first villains to get 6 Stars. 

Honestly, the main villains in every Final Fantasy game should be 6 Stars. If not, they wouldn't have given us nearly as much trouble in their original games.

FFBE Kefka Magic:

2016 09 14 02 46 50 screen shot 2016 09 14 at 11.46.04 am

With all his top tier magic, it is hard to consider Kefka human, but he is (at least until before the final fight). He got his powers by hunting down Espers and it seems to have paid off. While he didn't get any new magic with the upgrade, he did get some insanely awesome new abilities.

Final Fantasy VI just wouldn't be the same without him, nor would FFBE. Just on magic ability alone, he's the best Magical Attacker in the game. If you don't have him, try to get a friend who does! 

FFBE Kefka Special Abilities:

2016 09 23 03 26 22 final fantasy brave exvius kefka

First, let's look at what awesome new abilities Kefka gained. 

Mage of DestructionMP + 20%Footsteps of the End
Loud Laughter
Light of Judgment
These new abilities are no joke. Mage of Destruction has enough power to rival that of a Limit Break for a maxed out 4-Star unit.  

For the Boss Fights that have way too much ATK power, Footsteps of the End will crush their spirits, weakening their overall attack power. And, as if the deal couldn't get any sweeter, Light of Judgment will break through any magic defense of all your enemies. Very nice!

I already love using my 5-Star Kefka, so you know I'm going to grind all day and night if have to, in order to get to 6-Stars. 

FFBE Special FFVI Kefka Boss Fight Video:

For fans who loved FFVI,  the Japanese version FFBE is letting you face Kefka in a special limited time Boss Fight! While there hasn't been any word on a Global version release date for this event, you can rest assured it will be coming over. Eventually, until then, enjoy the Japanese version! 

This fight is going to be a tough one and is better handled with a Melee team. If you don't have one, then it's time to grind. 

Level up your units before this event. Be sure to optimize all your equipment and eat all your left over mogcakes. 

FFBE Kefka 6-Star Summon Review:

Overall Kefka got a major upgrade that was long overdue in the JP version.  Making Kefka more powerful in the Global version is by all means fine with me. In fact, I'm ecstatic about it! 

Kefka, being on the strongest villains in the Final Fantasy Universe, needs to have the ability to level your enemies in one attack. Even in Dissidia, he is a force to be reckoned with.

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