The crown prince of Lucis, Noctis arrives at Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius via an update on Dec 16, 2016. The event is marked by increased drop rates for him and other units, Charlotte and Chizuru. 

In general, Noctis is a unit that has good firepower. However, is he someone worth summoning for? Is he a unit you'll use to replace your other units in your team? Read on the FFBE Noctis Guide to find out more.

FFBE Noctis - General Information

Job: Prince

Trust Reward: Ring of Lucii
+3 MAG/SPR - Accessory


Alterna - 99 MP (Spell)
- 510% MAG AoE + 25% SPR Ignore

Death - 30 MP
- ST 30% Chance to Instant Death
- ST 80% Mod/30% HP Drain

Holy - Passive
- 25% Chance to Dodge Phys
- 25% Chance to Counter with Holy:
- 120% Magic Light ST + 40 Self MP Recovery

Growth Pattern = 30

So let's talk first about his Trust Reward. Assuming you get it (and we know you will), we can assume that "Instant Death" will not work most of the time. However, his "Holy" is pretty useful. If he cannot counter with Holy, there is a chance he can dodge or vice versa. Plus the SELF MP Recovery means you do not need to waste ethers. Let's find out his abilities later to check if he'll actually needed a lot of MP.

FFBE Noctis Stats:

5-Star Noctis

HP: 2920
MP: 130
ATK: 120
DEF: 104
MAG: 115
SPR: 101

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

6-Star Noctis

HP: 3824
MP: 174
ATK: 158
DEF: 120
MAG: 150
SPR: 136

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

That's a lot of HP and Attack. The relative but still high MAG we think is important as he does not have a lot of element-based attacks.

FFBE Noctis Abilities:

2016 12 16 04 32 29 ffbe noctis abilities

2016 12 16 04 47 54 ffbe noctis icon

Noctis' abilities in FFBE is largely based in Final Fantasy XV, the game where he originally appeared. His warp abilities and even the fact that he can equip a lot of weapons are very much in line with what he can do in FF XV.

Noctis has a high base attack and good MAG (as mentioned). There are buffs depending on what you use or what equipment you give him (via Power of Kings). He has many hybrid attacks and has the ability to incur 2 random ailments with one single attack via "Fire Flask".

Noctis is a hybrid damager and can dodge and heal. This will provide more room on your ability composition. I think some of his best support moves are his Revive and Provoke abilities via "Comeback" and "Warp Decoy". His Limit Burst at 6-stars can have up to 1160% Physical Damage with Stats Buff for 2 turns.

Should you summon for Noctis?

Overall, we think Noctis is a very good Physical Damager who can provide support (though he won't excel in these support roles).

Does that mean you should not summon for him? I think just like Lightning, people are hyped to summon Noctis because HE IS Noctis, and nothing else. What's more, the relatively nice abilities he has, which mirrors what he can do in Final Fantasy XV makes him more appealing to anyone who has played that game.

With that, are you going to summon Noctis in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius? Let us know in the comments below!

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