Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is also on Holiday Season mode as they open a new Raid Event. This Raid Event is called, A Frosty Offense! Help save the people from these snowmen full of evil and greed. You will receive exclusive holiday rewards for your trouble.

Aside from the rewards you'll get based on your accumulated Event Points, Final Fantay: Brave Exvius team is also going to add more. You will get more rewards based on your ranking! The higher the ranking, the more items you will get!

This Raid Event is going to start on December 23, 00:00 PST to January 5, 23:59 PST.

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Raid Event Rewards:

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You will get Event Points every time you clear the dungeon. Be cool and stand out with these exclusive holiday items! But expect some heavy grinding to get them.

Raid Event Rank Rewards:


Top 1 → 3x 10% Trust Moogles, 8x Summoning Ticket, 10,000x Lapis

Top 2 →  2x 10% Trust Moogles, 7x Summoning Ticket, 8,000x Lapis

Top 3 → 1x 10% Trust Moogle, 6x Summoning Ticket, 6,000x Lapis

Top 4-10 → 1x 5% Trust Moogle, 4x Summoning Ticket, 4,000x Lapis

Top 11-50 → 3x Summoning Ticket, 3,000x Lapis

Top 51-100 → 3x Summoning Ticket, 2,500x Lapis

Top 101-1,000 → 4x Summoning Ticket

Top 1,001-10,000 → 3x Summoning Ticket

Top 10,001-50,000 → 2x Summoning Ticket

Top 50,001-100,000 → 1x Summoning Ticket

Top 100,001-150,000 → 200x Lapis

Top 150,001+ → 100x Lapis

Even if you gathered all the exclusive holiday items, the fun doesn't stop there. The more you play in the dungeon, the more Event Points you'll get, and the higher your ranking will be. Who doesn't want those Trust Moogles and those Summoning Tickets?

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'Tis really the season for giving. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is pairing this event with their Holiday Special characters. Grab them while you still can! You can check out our article about White Knight Noel and Santa Roselia if they are worth the pull or not.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is by Square Enix and marketed by Gumi. It lets the players walk down the memory lane as it boasts a retro style RPG gaming. Players can also collect other Final Fantasy new and old characters via gacha and use them in their own party.

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